Why It’s A Bad Idea To Regularly Watch Pornography Before Marriage

Being single in today’s day and age where sexual promiscuity is spreading around it is even more challenging to protect one’s sense of modesty and to be mindful of Allah SWT.

A lot of single Muslims have the perception and rationale that watching pornography or engaging in cybersex is the lesser of the two evils.

This act is perceived to be “less bad” than engaging in actual sexual fornication and to do what is considered commonplace in today’s day and age.

The rationale is, “I’ll be doing this temporarily only until I’ve found a spouse and when I’m married I’ll have a permissible way to express my desires.”

The reality is there are four things that happen with the engagement in this “lesser of the two evils” that actually sabotages and prolongs the marriage process from actually happening.

Watch this video to discover why it’s a bad idea to watch pornography before marriage.

  • Suleiman Abdul Hakeem says:

    Maasha Allah