How To Work Through Those Moments Of Desire Or Temptation To Turn Back To Pornography Or Acting Out Sexually Without Relapsing Back
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It happened again. I relapsed...

These fives words are probably the most painful words for Purify Your Gaze members and visitors...

The moment of a relapse is one where there is a lot of frustration, anger, regret and pain.

Commonly expressed are thoughts like:

Why did I allow for a moment of pleasure that is now gone anyways ruin all the progress and hard work that I had been putting in to be clean?

How did I let this happen?

It happened so quickly and I lost control!

I wish I could go back in time and make a different choice in that moment of temptation...a choice that would still keep me sober today.

Let Me Ask You A Question (Or Two)...

  • What if you could prevent relapses from happening again...ever?
  • What if when you were sexually triggered and had a strong craving to relapse back you had a healthy way to deal with that situation and calm yourself down instead of just giving into the desire?
  • What if in the moments you actually started to slip back you had a way to escape out of this situation and prevent it from escalating further?
That would certainly allow you to avoid a whole lot of demoralizing feelings wouldn't it?

Standing strong in the face of sexual temptations and staying committed to your promise to stay sexually pure is so much more enjoyable, isn't it?

That's Why We Created The Relapse Emergency Fire Drill Plan

On the road to change from unwanted sexual behaviors, it is perfectly normal to anticipate moments of withdrawal where you are tempted with thoughts, feelings or desires to relapse back again...

That's even if you've made the commitment to act out sexually again!

Instead of ignoring this reality, we help our members at Purify Your Gaze to prepare for this reality by knowing what to do and what not to do in the moments when that temptation strikes.

As the wise saying goes, "those who fail to plan, are the ones that plan to fail."

It’s true because the FACT is if you have repeatedly turned to pornography or sexually acting out over a period of time, the desire to go back will come to you!

So as much as you would like to forget about this whole problem when you’ve made that commitment towards sexual sobriety and move on with your life, you’ve got to have that contingency plan to save you from that dangerous temptation to relapse.

...and this Fire Drill Plan is a plan that works and is simple to follow...

What's Inside The Fire Drill Plan?

Recognize The Signs Of Withdrawal Before They Hit You Hard

Respond To Triggers With The Five Step Relapse Emergency Plan

Soothe Yourself With A Powerful Guided Meditation

Here's a preview to some of the things you'll learn:
  • An introduction to how your past wounds contribute to your desire to act out sexually…
  • Get insight into the exact moments you are triggered ahead of time.
  • Step-By-Step instructions on how to set up your fire drill plan…
  • What being in a safe place has to do with strengthening your commitment to sobriety and how you can create one.
  • Discover the four very effective ways to calm yourself down emotionally and physiologically during a time of a sexual urge…
  • Walk through the Standing Strong exercise which will teach you about how to deactivate the strong pull of desires.

Positive Reviews From Workshop Participants

"Jazaak Allaahu khayraan! This really gave the missing piece for me in defining *exactly* and *clearly* what my intended destination is and what the journey is about, at every moment of my life, from point A: addiction to destination point B: sobriety. The information you shared about reclaiming one’s healthy sexuality was also very interesting. It was an aspect of my recovery I had not really considered."Purify Your Gaze Member
"I seem to keep saying this for all the trainings, but this one was the gem. Very heavy stuff (my head is spinning right now), and as always, you have managed to bring out the emotions/ thoughts we have buried underneath in our sub-conscience through this video….”Purify Your Gaze Member
"Since I’ve started working this program, I’ve had ZERO episodes of acting out, looking at pornography, my gaze is lowered on the street, I can drive to and from work without paying attention to anyone that is around me."Purify Your Gaze Member
"My breakthrough was I was able to see the process from childhood to now, and how the addiction was operating. For everyone it’s different, but that pattern of primary parenting being missing, to seeking out some constant pleasure, to having that turn into an addiction and burying your emotions/self worth and self esteem into complete isolation makes A LOT of sense to me."Purify Your Gaze Member

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