The 6-Step System To Build And Sustain The Passion Your Marriage Needs To Thrive Again
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Are You And Your Spouse Roommates Or Are You Lovers?

Marriage was created to be a place of serenity and shared love and mercy, as Allah tells us in the Quran.

And the very thing that makes this possible is the sacred, intimate space a husband and wife enjoy together.

For so many couples, there was passionate chemistry at the beginning, but it slowly faded…

...and so they start wondering if marriage is really meant to be passionate and exciting.

They assume that marriage is a place for husbands and wives, raising children, somebody pays the bills, somebody does the laundry - it’s a place of family, but not lovers.

But what if after the honeymoon phase was over that was actually something BETTER - something more meaningful, more powerful, more passionate?

More on that in a moment, but we'd like to pause and ask a few questions:

  • Do you see passionate love in other couples and question if such love is even possible in your marriage?
  • Do you feel like the lack of passion in your relationship makes it more tempting to seek excitement in destructive outlets (such as online or outside of your marriage)?
  • Do you find that loving passion is sparked only on special occasions, but isn’t present on a day to day basis?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then read on because we have GREAT news for you!

What If You Could Predictably Cultivate The Passion In Your Marriage Not Just On Occasions But Every. Single. Day?

And what if this was not only permissible in Islam, but actually sunnah!

You see, we get hints from the prophetic traditions about how our prophet, salla Allah ‘alaihi wa sallam, did indeed express passionate love with his wives.

Following his example and achieving what we call Predictable Passion in your marriage does NOT require:

  • You be in the "honeymoon" or "in-love" stage of your marriage.
  • Avoiding conflict or disagreements with your spouse to "keep the peace."
  • Outside sources pornography to bring some "excitement and spice" in your marriage.
    The truth is passion isn’t something you find elsewhere - you cultivate it, and express it!

    When you feel passionate about something, about anything, you feel alive, your eyes are wide, your heart is open, your energy is high, and you aren’t afraid, and those around you can feel it.

    It’s positively contagious!

    Passion is beautiful no matter where we experience it, and marriage is one place that deserves your passionate self.

    Passion, in marriage, brings attraction, chemistry, the “spark” that people want to relive over and over again.

    Without a way to predictably build and sustain the passion in your marriage, you've got yourself a real crisis.

    The Rate Of Unsatisfied Couples Nowadays Is HUGE, But The Real Crisis Is This… many couples are not equipped with the tools and resources for their marriage to thrive.

    And that’s exactly why we put this workshop together.

    Yes, passion brings magic into a relationship - but building it is not magic!

    Your marriage can be as exciting, passionate, intimate, loving as ever - all it takes is the right tools to build and sustain Predictable Passion.

    Doesn’t Your Marriage Deserve To THRIVE?

    Look - your marriage is the place you come back to after rubbing up against a world full of challenges, and it’s your launching pad for all that you seek to do in life.

    If there’s one thing that deserves that you invest time and energy into strengthening… it’s your marriage.

    And while it takes focus and energy to build passion in your marriage, it’s not impossible or mysterious or beyond you by any means.

    You see, we’re obsessed with the mystery of falling in love that we fail to see there’s a system to falling in love!

    Put any two people with some level of attraction together and go through this system and they will fall in love over and over - because these are just established human facts!

    Without passion and love, you've got roommates. And unfortunately, a lot of Islamic literature discusses marriage from a format completely devoid of the most essential ingredients for not just a good marriage, but one that is strong, passionate, loving, nourishing, and a real cornerstone for the Ummah.

    We'd like to teach you this 6-step system to build and sustain that passion your marriage needs to thrive again!

What's Inside Predictable Passion?

Build Predictable Passion With The Six Step Formula

Shed And Eliminate Limiting Beliefs And Mindsets That Kill Passion

How To Connect With Your Spouse On A Deeper Emotional Level

Here's a preview to some of the things you'll learn:
  • Recreate the passionate falling in love energy in your marriage over and over again - no matter how many years you are married...
  • Rediscover the ingredients that were present when you first fell in love so that you can rekindle the passion using what you already know to work.
  • Understand the common beliefs and myths that destroy both true love and passion.
  • See how passion doesn't "just happen" for couples who get lucky and that in truth passion is possible for everyone.
  • A simple, easy to implement exercise that gets you and your spouse right down to the very core where true intimacy can be found.
  • Discover how building strong attraction between 2 people is actually a very natural and easy process - when you have the right focus and the right tools.
  • And Much Much More...
  • "Do I Really Need This Workshop"...

    If you feel like your marriage is losing (or has completely lost) the passion and excitement it once carried and you want to know how to save your marriage from falling into emptiness… then it’s a MUST!

    If your spouse no longer trusts you and feels safe like she/he used to because of unwanted lustful habits, and you want to rebuild the trust and open the door to experience true intimacy once more… then it’s a MUST!

    If you have a loving relationship with your spouse but you realize your marriage is not truly thriving and you want practical steps to build and maintain *predictable* passion… then it’s a MUST!

    If that special spark between you and your spouse only occurs on special occasions and you want to know how to keep the fire lit on a consistent basis so you both feel more fulfilled… then it’s a MUST!

    Get Predictable Passion

    Positive Reviews From Workshop Participants

    The information you shared about reclaiming one’s healthy sexuality was also very interesting. It was an aspect of my recovery I had not really considered.”Purify Your Gaze Member
    "One of the things this program has allowed me to do is increase the trust again with my spouse. I used to keep my home office door closed and shut but now I keep it open and told my wife I’m not going to be paranoid, I want you to come in without knocking as you please. And that’s one of the things we established together.”"Purify Your Gaze Member
    "A HUGE jazakum Allah khair. My participation in this program really saved my marriage from divorce."Purify Your Gaze Member

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