Break Free From Sexually Addictive Behaviors
For Good And Get Back Your Life

  • Finally no more feelings of shame or guilt because of the dark secrets you are hiding…
  • No more erasing your browser history...
  • Just you focused on reclaiming your truest self and leading it to a life of purpose, meaning, and true intimacy.

Wallahi my participation in the Purify Your Gaze program was
THE BEST thing that ever happened to me.

Member from India



We may be total strangers but let me start by saying that I get it. Be honest with me, are you feeling:

  • Embarrassed?
  • Frustrated?
  • Afraid?
  • Angry?
  • Ashamed?

Having had the opportunity to serve thousands of men and women in our program here at Purify Your Gaze, I'm not surprised if you said "Yes!" to any of these descriptions about how you feel right now or have felt recently.

What you may be surprised with is why you are also feeling an additional emotion that I left off from this list:


There's relief because you've been waiting to meet someone who could reassure you that this dark secret and living nightmare could come to an end.

The deceit, the lying, the feelings of hypocrisy and shame, the betrayal, the loneliness, the disappointment in your loved ones' eyes - all of that can go away and disappear for good.

What I'm here to tell you is that this relief is not because of what I've said to you...

...but rather what you have decided to do, which is face the reality of the direction your life is heading in as a result of your unwanted sexual behaviors and stop hiding from it.

Many people have a genuine desire to get better but don't know how nor where to get help.

That's why I created Purify Your Gaze. I wanted for there to be a safe-pace where you can receive that guidance and consultation in a supportive and blame-free environment.

More than permanently breaking free from these unwanted sexual behaviors, which is what we've helped countless men and women from 35 countries achieve, as a member you have the opportunity to do something much greater than that.

You have the opportunity to get your life and everything that you value back.

Best of all, you'll finally be able to lead a life that's worth fighting for and to experience deeper levels of love, meaning and intimacy in your life.

If that's the reality that you would like make YOUR REALITY, then read on. Or better yet, join today. :)

- Zeyad Ramadan,
Founder & CEO of Purify Your Gaze

Let Us Help You Believe In Yourself Again!

(Here's What Makes This System For Change Groundbreaking)

We've developed a proven and effective system for change that will allow you to not only bring an end to your unwanted behaviors, but most importantly allow you to engage in the process of self-discovery and address the root causes that caused the problems to begin with.

This system for change makes it easy for you as a member to receive professional and personalized guidance, find fellowship and community support with others on the path to healing, and most importantly discover the strength and hope to break free from unwanted behaviors so you can reclaim your life.

Here are some of the features and resources that make this program the trusted resource for thousands of members from across the world.

​1. You Are Following A Clear, Holistic And Proven Pathway To Change

We've laid out the actionable steps and milestones you have to realize on the path to change in order to get back to wholeness.

Inside your members portal you will have a dashboard laying out your next action steps and you will literally earn badges when you've done your part!

What this means is that there will be no more mystery or confusion on what your priorities should be.

These performables you have to deliver through this program are based on a curriculum that is meant to not just stop unwanted behaviors but restore you back to mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational health.

2. Trainings That Are Engaging, And Will Force You To Grow

The content will be is available in bite-sized chunks, so that it is easy to consume and implement.

These trainings will help you understand the origins of your addiction and why you haven’t still broken free, helps you create a Recovery Plan that you can follow, how to prevent and best handle relapse situations.

In addition to talking about how to lead a life free from sexually addictive behaviors you'll learn about things like…

      • Self-Acceptance
      • Healing From Trauma
      • Developing Self-Care Habits
      • Cultivating And Leading A Spiritual Life
      • Experiencing True Intimacy

    "I seem to keep saying this for all the trainings, but this one was the gem. Very heavy stuff (my head is spinning right now), and as always, you have managed to bring out the emotions/ thoughts we have buried underneath in our sub-conscience through this video….”

    Member from Canada

    3. You Have A Team Of Professionals That Really Care About You And Your Success!

    The journey to changing yourself and facing your life is a road of possibilities paved with fears, doubts, worries, and tears.

    It is a journey that requires immense courage, faith, and willingness to move beyond your fears consistently into a state of action.

    More than anything it is a journey that requires a great level of support, guidance and care - one that you will find with the awesome team at Purify Your Gaze.

    We are a team made up of care professionals with unique specializations, experiences and talents united towards one mission: providing you a safe, and unforgettable experience.

    Your recovery support team is accessible to you all the time and will serve as safe confidantes for you where you can check-in and be brutally honest about what you're facing as you move through the challenges and make important strides.

    4. Anonymously Engage With Other Members And Your Recovery Team On The Road To Change 24/7/365

    You will also have 24/7 access to our private forums where you can ask questions at any time of day or night to our team and we will be there to support your needs.

    You also have the unique opportunity to anonymously engage and interact with other members on the path to freedom. This is your safe place to connect, read and participate in discussions, learn from others' experiences, and share your own hurdles and accomplishments on the road to sobriety.

    This is a place where you will be understood; a place where people just listen. A place for you to give back to the community.

    This is the safe place you've been looking for!

    With an active support network of like minded people, we hope you’ll never run out of inspiration, hope, or reminders of what you need to consistently be doing to keep yourself on the path of continual growth.

      "What led me out of the shadows was realizing that the other members of the PYG community are not a group of outcasts and failures. They are professionals, graduate students, community leaders, fathers, daughters, struggling Muslims. They were just like me: Muslim brothers and sisters who desire Allah and the home of the hereafter, but are broken just as I had been broken. And they were better than me, because they were humble and they had submitted in a way that I had not. My “knowledge” and “status” [read: arrogance and self-conceit] made it more challenging for me to break out of isolation and denial. When I finally accepted and humbled myself, the real recovery began. The PYG community was a place – the first and only place – where I could remove my mask; a safe place where I could fail and not be perfect for the first time in my life. It was this support network that taught me how to learn to love and accept myself. "

      Member from United States

      5. Self-Care Tracker Software To Keep You Accountable, Track Your Progress And To Celebrate Your Success

      This is a powerful tool to help you maintain your sobriety, succeed in recovery long-term, and improve the overall quality of your life one day at a time.

      Here are some of the way you can use it:

          • Visualize your self-care progress via a color-coded calendar that allows you to see your self-care both in the short and long term.
          • Increase your awareness of your personal patterns and tendencies and uncover clues as to when you are most vulnerable for relapse.
          • Keep a log of your wins and discoveries each day through the journal interface.
          • Print or send your tracked rituals and your progress chart to your accountability partner, coach or therapist.

        6. Live Group Sessions Multiple Times Per Week

        Each week you'll have an opportunity to hop on a live "Mastermind Session" where our team members will further dissect a training or an important topic into actionable steps and will facilitate this through a group discussion.

        You'll get an opportunity to learn by discussing and personalizing these ideas and exercises with the other group members.

        More than that it's a safe place for you to check in on your progress and be accountable.

              • Trainings Are Live And Happen Multiple Times Per Week
              • Lead By A Trained And Equipped Team Member
              • Log In By Computer, Tablet Or By Phone
              • Gender Separated Calls Are Available For Greater Privacy
              • Get Rejuvenated And Inspired To Continue Ahead With Strength

        If you happen to miss a mastermind session, you can access and listen to the replays that are all in the members vault. There are a ton of these recordings available for you to listen and get caught up on as well.

          "What led me out of the shadows was realizing that the other members of the PYG community are not a group of outcasts and failures. They are professionals, graduate students, community leaders, fathers, daughters, struggling Muslims. They were just like me: Muslim brothers and sisters who desire Allah and the home of the hereafter, but are broken just as I had been broken. And they were better than me, because they were humble and they had submitted in a way that I had not. My “knowledge” and “status” [read: arrogance and self-conceit] made it more challenging for me to break out of isolation and denial. When I finally accepted and humbled myself, the real recovery began. The PYG community was a place – the first and only place – where I could remove my mask; a safe place where I could fail and not be perfect for the first time in my life. It was this support network that taught me how to learn to love and accept myself. "

          Member from United States

          7. No Airplane Is Required

          Many individuals delay getting help because they are afraid of what others would think if they learned about their “secret problem”.

          Knowing this we’ve purposely created this program to be 100% online so you could get the help you need without feeling embarrassed or ashamed.

          After you have enrolled, you will be able to select a nickname that will allow you to fully engage with others, posting your comments, thoughts, reflections, and request support.

          No travel is needed to participate, all your engagement and interaction will be conducted telephonically or through our private forums.

            8. The "Life Got In The Way" Antidote

            With all of these available resources, we know the number one reason that most people do not succeed is that they are unable to follow through!

            This is not due to missing desire to change but simply because life happens sometimes.

            You start out with a solid intention and then something happens and it throws you into a funk.

            You find yourself falling off track and no matter how hard you try to get back into the groove of things you just are not able to.

            We are prepared for that reality!

            If more than 2-3 weeks have gone by and you have not participated - we will personally reach out to you by email or by phone to check in on you and to help you get back into the groove of things. One of our team members will set up a 20 minute call with you to check in with you and help you get back on track.

              Everything You Need To Break Free From Sexually Addictive Behaviors And Get Your Life Back Is Here

              Who Should Take Part In This Program?

              This program is best designed to support individuals who have acknowledged that their sexual behaviors have become problematic and may have underlying roots that are unrelated to sexual drive or desire.

              Since 2009, we've helped thousands of men and women from over 35 different countries with a wide range of sexually compulsive behaviors - from those addicted to sexual chat rooms and pornography, to those engaging in anonymous sex, to those addicted to relationships and love.

              Behaviors most commonly exhibited by our members we have supported include:

              • Impulsive, repetitive accessing of sexual websites and content online but also via movie channels, and magazines.
              • Compulsive masturbation
              • A pattern of anonymous or casual sex via bar hook ups, singles or hook up sites/applications
              • Engaging in prostitution or sensual massages
              • Serial relationships or infidelity
              • Virtual reality sex games, sex chatting, sexting, internet and /or phone sex
              • Repeated involvement with strip clubs, adult bookstores and other sex-focused environments

              Like other addictions, the primary drivers behind sexual addiction include an inability to work through difficult emotions, self-medication from the pain of unresolved traumatic events, or underlying life or health conditions causing some level of unmanageability.

              Over time, these behaviors will adversely affect the the individual's life, resulting in any number of negative consequences, including:

              My spouse and I are constantly arguing and fighting with each other due to my pornography use.

              My inability to permanently quit has led me to feel like I will never be a good enough Muslim.

              I hold back in my relationships because I am afraid that others will know the truth about my sexual behaviors.

              I am bothered that the sexual behaviors I am engaged in now are more hardcore than what I used to engage in.

              I have a hard time focusing on work because my mind and body are preoccupied with sexual thoughts, or urges.

              I am no longer satisfied with pornography, I am now engaging in anonymous sexual encounters or paying for sex offline.

              I have failed a university course or semester due to my depression and the presence of my sexually addictive behaviors.

              I feel out of control and powerless in my life due to my inability to stop. I’ve lost hope that I can fight this addiction and win.

              If you have experienced one or more of these common symptoms listed and you feel that your sexual behaviors are creating disharmony in your life and your relationships, it would be highly advisable to participate in this program.

              If you are unsure about your readiness or the appropriateness of this program for you, you may want to take our confidential sexual addiction screening quiz which will help you assess your behaviors and provide recommendations.



              Just $99 Per Month

              WHAT YOU'RE GETTING

              • Proven Exercises To Help You Break Free 
              • Weekly Live Group Sessions To Keep You On Track
              • A Dedicated Staff Member To Personalize Your Program
              • 24/7 Access To Private Community Forums
              • Self-Care Tracker App To Log Your Progress
              • New Workshops And Courses Added Each Month
              • And Much More...

              Frequently Asked Questions

              I have trouble staying committed, how will you help me make sure I stay committed after I join?

              Do I have to call myself an addict to participate?

              I’m worried someone will find out that I joined. How can I make sure no one finds out?

              I'm a woman struggling with sexually addictive behaviors, can you help?

              I'm really scared about joining, what do I do?

              What needs to happen in order for me to succeed?

              How long will this take before I see results?

              Am I locked into a contract?

              Are scholarships available?

              I have another question that is not here, can I talk to someone?


              If you want to discover the strategy, the mindset and the steps you need to permanently break free from pornography and other sexual behaviors, then look no further than our flagship trainings.

              We've laid out what you need to do to permanently break free from your unwanted sexual behaviors and we believe it comes down to reclaiming your ability to make conscious choices.

              You will be able to move out of the mindset that the "addiction is happening to you" into "I am responsible for my choices" and you will do that through the exercises and trainings we've put together in these comprehensive trainings.

              Here's a preview of some of the trainings inside:

              We also roll in new content into the membership site every month.

              Each month we add spotlight interviews with members where they share their stories and "what worked for them" so you can be inspired.

              We also hold monthly workshops either presented by a Purify Your Gaze staff member or an invited guest expert where we different areas of your life be they spirituality, marriage, productivity, healing from trauma to help you focus on the entirety of your being.

              Our goal through these trainings is to provide an ultimate resource for you to not only break free from unwanted sexual behaviors, but to help you thrive in the various slices of your life. We believe that to fully recover from addiction and compulsive behaviors we have to address all the dimensions of your life as this gives you the best opportunity to truly feel whole again.

              Here's What Our Members Have To Say

              “When I started this program my relationship with Allah was dysfunctional, I thought of Him like my parents that He was just mad at me and wanted to punish me for being so bad and alhamdulilah through the program slowly started to get back to where I make duaa and believe in my heart that Allah will answer me.”

              Member from Canada

              "Jazaak Allaahu khayraa Br. Zeyad and to Purify Your this program really gave the missing piece for me in defining *exactly* and *clearly* what my intended destination is and what the journey is about, at every moment of my life, from point A: addiction to destination point B: sobriety. The information you shared about reclaiming one’s healthy sexuality was also very interesting. It was an aspect of my recovery I had not really considered.”

              Member from United States

              "I was associated with Purify Your Gaze for quite sometime and wallahi my participation in this program was THE BEST thing that ever happened to me."

              Member from India

              "My breakthrough was I was able to see the process from childhood to now, and how the addiction was operating. For everyone it’s different, but that pattern of primary parenting being missing, to seeking out some constant pleasure, to having that turn into an addiction and burying your emotions/self worth and self esteem into complete isolation makes A LOT of sense to me. Climbing back out of this hole into daylight is definitely not gonna happen overnight… but small steps in sha Allah with the help of others, support structures, and Allah swt it is not impossible! I cannot thank you enough br. Zeyad for putting this course together."

              Member from United Kingdom

              "I’ve got easily some 20 odd years of sexual addiction in all its manifestations, I’m married and I have children, when I came to br. Zeyad it was at least after 5 years trying to knuckle down and get this under control. Since I’ve started working this program, I’ve had ZERO episodes of acting out, looking at pornography, my gaze is lowered on the street, I can drive to and from work without paying attention to anyone that is around me. My children notice the difference, my wife notices the difference, my own mother tells me how I’ve become a wonderful person, probably the first time I’ve heard that one in well over 20 years…"

              Member from United States

              "One of the things this program has allowed me to do is increase the trust again with my spouse. I used to keep my home office door closed and shut but now I keep it open and told my wife I’m not going to be paranoid, I want you to come in without knocking as you please. And that’s one of the things we established together."

              Member from United States

              "After years of hating myself and feeling that God hated me and treating myself poorly...I felt forgiven. I suddenly felt like the 10 year old version of myself: happy and carefree. I saw Allah working these changes (sometimes daily) seamlessly into my life and I opened my heart to the love."

              Member from United States

              "When I called in two weeks ago, one of the things I mentioned was how this addiction caused me sleep deprivation but through this program you helped me create boundaries and find a healthy outlet of exercise that got me so tired that by the end of the night I was naturally ready for sleep and didn’t need to turn to anything else to relax and calm down.”

              Member from United Kingdom

              “Alhamdulillah through the program I’ve started to realize that this may be Allah’s way of making me stronger and making me better because I’m going to face things in life that may be difficult, and the skills that I learned and the strengthening of my relationship with Allah, and my self-empowerment would be valuable so I kind of think about it this way now. This is not Allah’s way of punishing me but maybe a blessing in disguise that I would never have thought of. Ever since I’ve began thinking this way, alhamdulilah I get up in the morning now and believe anything is possible in my life…”

              Member from United Kingdom

              Let Us Help You Believe In Yourself Again!

              We want to help you to break free. Start by requesting an invitation today...

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