Building The Spiritual Foundation For Long Term Freedom From Addiction
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Is Your Heart Blocking Out Love And Guidance From God?

Have a look at the following list of questions:

  • Are you a highly anxious person and are easily triggered by things that go wrong in your life?
  • Has it been many years that you've tried to break free from lustful habits and addictions and you find yourself still not successful?
  • Do you feel exhausted by the stress of needing to control everything around you?
  • Do you find yourself consistently on the defensive in your relationships?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions and you are in recovery from addiction, then it's a sign that your your heart may struggle with letting go to God.

    What we teach at Purify Your Gaze is that the journey to freedom from addiction is not simply about stopping bad habits.

    It's not about exerting more control, will power or effort.

    If you were to have a moment of honesty, you would see that will power hasn't rewarded you with long term joy or freedom from the trappings of the self.

    The journey to freedom from addiction is an opportunity to begin a completely new way of living.

    A new way of living that brings upon vastness, joy, inner peace, intimacy, and most importantly Guidance from Above.

    This new life is born out of a new self and for this new self to emerge, the old self must die.

    The old self is the same self that fuels the destructive patterns of addiction.

    It is the same self that destroys relationships, holds onto resentments, needs to control everything.

    For the old self to die and the new self to be born, you must embrace the spiritual principles that we will teach you in "Start With Surrender".

What's Inside Starting With Surrender?

This hands-on online workshop will teach you a practical process to start trusting God's Plan in your life and finally end the constant overwhelm, pain and anxiety.

You will able to personalize the concept of surrender into your own recovery journey and start living by the spiritual principles and lifestyle that fuel healing and long term change.

Build The Spiritual Foundations For Freedom From Addiction

Understand How To Adopt The Concept Of Surrender Into Your Lifestyle

Decode The Obstacles In Your Heart Between You And The Divine

Here's a preview to some of the things you'll learn:
  • Strategy #1: Helps You Unlock The Obstacles To Returning Back To Allah In Your Heart
  • Strategy #2: A Technique To Help Your Heart Begin Truly Opening Up And Relying Only On God As Your Higher Power
  • Strategy #3: Avoid The Big Spiritual Mistakes That Cause Most People To Forget God And Turn Back To Destructive Ways Of The Ego
  • Strategy #4: Gives You The Confidence To Break Free From Unwanted Sexual Behaviors And Start Succeeding No Matter How Long It's Been
  • Strategy #5: Gets You More Spiritual Energy To Take On The Challenges And Tests In Your Life That Normally Would Trigger You
  • Strategy #6: Escape The Pain Of Having To Be In Control Or Rely On Willpower To Succeed
  • And Much Much More...
  • "Do I Really Need This Workshop"...

    If you've heard of the concept of "emotional surrender" in recovery but have a hard time understanding what that means practically or what you need to do differently... then it’s a MUST!

    If you find yourself struggling with needing to control everything around you all the time then it’s a MUST!

    If you have any difficult to break addictions that you cannot shake off no matter what you've tried then it’s a MUST!

    If you are experiencing a emotional void in your life and crave a deep, spiritual connection and relationship with God then it’s a MUST!

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    Positive Reviews From Workshop Participants

    "Among all of the remarks throughout the Purify Your Gaze Program, this training on surrender is the most significant in my eyes. Its field of reach applies not only to our addictions but extends to every facet of our lives." Purify Your Gaze Member
    “Alhamdulillah through the program I’ve started to realize that this may be Allah’s way of making me stronger and making me better because I’m going to face things in life that may be difficult, and the skills that I learned and the strengthening of my relationship with Allah, and my self-empowerment would be valuable so I kind of think about it this way now. This is not Allah’s way of punishing me but maybe a blessing in disguise that I would never have thought of. Ever since I’ve began thinking this way, alhamdulilah I get up in the morning now and believe anything is possible in my life…”Purify Your Gaze Member
    “When I started this program my relationship with Allah was dysfunctional, I thought of Him like my parents that He was just mad at me and wanted to punish me for being so bad and alhamdulilah through the program slowly started to get back to where I make duaa and believe in my heart that Allah will answer me.”Purify Your Gaze Member
    “My biggest breakthrough was realizing that we are not self-sufficient on our own and how we are in need of Allah and others in our lives. I am a very controlling person and like to have control, once I realized that I can’t control everything except how I feel. I used to be consistently worried about everything that I couldn’t control, like what others thought about me, I’m disappointing my parents, and Allah but once I realized that I cannot do this by myself and I need help, that made a WORLD of a difference. It takes strength to ask for help, than just sit there and be miserable and stuck in the same problem.”Purify Your Gaze Member

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