A Step-By-Step Planning Workshop That Will Prepare You To Stay Clean From Pornography And Other Lustful Habits For Life
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"This Next Year I Am Going To Be Sexually Clean"

You just read this statement and part of you really likes the possibility of being clean from pornography and other lustful behaviors this next year.

You like the possibility of being able to stay away from this habit that's taken so much away from you in wasted time, energy, and happiness.

You like the possibility of having your life and your destiny in your control where you are showing up as your best self at work or at home...

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were able to stay consistent this coming year!?

But Let's Be Honest For A Moment...

There's also a part of you that enjoys having that escape into fantasy and being able to get lost in lustful pleasures.

Each time you are sexually tempted you are faced with two choices: to indulge or not indulge.

If you indulge you may feel angry that another promise of many promises has been broken.

Sure it weighs on your mood for a day or a few days.

But it's not noticeable (at least to anybody on the outside)!

There are no marks left on your body, or face that would make it visually obvious to someone else that you've indulged.

To those around you, they may see you as being in a mood or upset but they cannot say it's because of your sexual lust or habits that you are in a bad mood.

A few days can go by and then you are able to bounce back into the "normal" grind and let this misery be temporarily forgotten.

You know that the slip is going to be painful, but in the grand scheme of things it's not THAT bad, so what do you decide?

You decide to indulge in the awaiting heedless pleasure.

Unless that indulgence results in a misery that is so painful, so lasting, so catastrophic, it is hard to build a strong enough case to jolt you out of this cycle, you are going to be trapped!

This Ensures That You Perpetually Are Never Motivated Enough To Change For Good Unless...

...something so catastrophic and major happens in your life that it serves as an intervention to wake you the hell up from your stupor of misery to make a dramatic change in your life.

And the problem with this is that as soon as the pain goes away so does the motivation to stay clean!

In other words, it is very hard to stay committed and motivated long term!

Which Is Why We Put Together The Sober Year Plan

The Sober For A Year (And Beyond) Plan workshop will insha Allah walk you through our 5 step planning process designed to give you maximum leverage to boost your chances at sticking to your choice to stay clean from lustful habits beyond 12 months and becoming the person you've dreamed of becoming.

Now before you say, “I’ve already tried that 100 times man!” ....

Here’s an important distinction:

We’re not talking about sheer will-power and saying NEVER AGAIN louder than you’ve ever said before.

But what we are talking about is looking at your unwanted habits, softly saying “change truly cannot wait another moment”, and then rolling up your sleeves and figuring out how in the world you’re going to make this change last!

It’s about recognizing how urgent change is and making a plan for long-term sobriety - a plan for you to stay clean for 12 months and beyond and this 5 Step SOBER Planning Guide will help you do just that.

If you have gone from year to year saying, "this will be the year that I will finally achieve a year free from pornography and lustful habits", except you have not realized that intention, then

CHOOSE a different way to do it.

CHOOSE not to brush the issue under the rug…

CHOOSE not to pretend like the problem will solve itself over time…

CHOOSE to make necessary preparations and get strategic…

You know it’s time to do something differently - so do what’s been proven to work and leverage our 5 step plan that we've helped clients use to achieve long term sobriety!

Who Do You Want To Be In 12 Months?

An entire year without sexually acting out - what would you do with that? How would your life be?

More free time to pursue that dream that seemed out of reach?

No more guilt and shame getting in between you and your loved ones?

Out-of-this-world confidence you can use to do something good in this world?

Your sober year awaits, my friend!

What's Inside The Sober Year (And Beyond) Plan?

Mastering Motivation

Eliminating Inner And Outer Saboteuers

Crafting The Sober Year Action Plan

Reclaiming The Sober And Free You

Here's a preview to some of the things you'll learn:
  • Discover what it takes to have a WAKE-UP moment so you can achieve long-term sobriety
  • How to make your commitment to change PERMANENT!
  • Get clarity on the pattern that most people cycle through again and again thinking that they've committed to freedom only to end up with a relapse.
  • The 5 most common pitfalls you can avoid to prevent relapse.
  • Uncover the inner and outer threats that may be sabotaging your progress without even knowing it.
  • Discover hidden opportunities in your life that can help you stay clean.
  • A simple 5-step planning process to make you way more likely to stay clean for a year
  • Fool-proof your plan by identifying the holes in it before you even start implementing it.
  • Your very own SOBER plan worksheet - we’ll help you make your plan as we go insha Allah.
  • Why frequently relapsing actually makes perfect sense for many people.
  • The long-term sobriety connection with identity and how to reclaim your true self.
  • How embracing that you are "an addict" can keep you trapped and what empowering identity you should embrace instead.
  • And Much Much More...

Positive Reviews From Workshop Participants

"I enrolled in this program earlier this year and have made the biggest progress than I have been able to in a long LONG time. My participationg thus far has allowed me to reached 5 months of sobriety. Purify Your Gaze Member
"With my Recovery Plan I see myself with a lot more confidence and hope that one day insha Allah this problem will be of the past. I also feel I can being more active in terms of trying to find the answers to my problems by having a little more faith with myself."Purify Your Gaze Member
"The very first time I saw pornography was when I was 12 years old. I was very disgusted and the debilitating fear of doing something wrong overtook me, but for some reason I found myself searching for pornography again and again, in secret for the next 14 years of my life. The ecstasy that I sought after always came with a devastating low each and every time I sexually acted out. I went through cycles of swearing to Allah that I would never go back to it, only to find myself indulging in it days later. I was searching for a way to end this insanity as I had reached the end of my rope. Since January 2013 I’ve been one and a half year sober. Alhamdullilah."Purify Your Gaze Member
"Since I’ve started working this program, I’ve had ZERO episodes of acting out, looking at pornography, my gaze is lowered on the street, I can drive to and from work without paying attention to anyone that is around me."Purify Your Gaze Member
"Jazaak Allaahu khayraan! This really gave the missing piece for me in defining *exactly* and *clearly* what my intended destination is and what the journey is about, at every moment of my life, from point A: addiction to destination point B: sobriety."Purify Your Gaze Member

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