Anti-Cliche Secrets To Tackling Loneliness, Making Room In Your Heart For True Love, And Creating Deep Happiness In Your Relationships
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"Being Single Sucks But Getting Married Freaks Me Out Big Time!"

It is very easy to be reminded of your singlehood. Some of the big triggers are:
  • Receiving wedding invitations from friends and family...
  • Scrolling through Facebook feeds filled with happy pictures...
  • Going to a class or gathering at the masjid alone...
  • Going to a class or gathering at the masjid alone...
  • Or even turning on the radio and hearing that pop love song.
These moments of loneliness and sadness are tough and it's hard to sometimes keep it together when it feels like your time to get married hasn't come any closer than it was last year.

When it comes down to it, despite wanting to not be single there's a big part of you that is afraid of getting married or doesn't feel legitimately ready to take that next step.

Here are some of the obstacles to marriage readiness we've seen from our members.

  • I’ve got an addiction to pornography that I first need to address.
  • I've got some serious social anxiety when it comes to speaking with people in general, how in the world will I survive speaking to someone for marriage?
  • I don’t have a proper job or my finances are not in order.
  • I've got some health concerns that impact my ability to function day-to-day I broke up with someone I shouldn't have been in a relationship with and I haven't been able to move on.
  • I can barely take care of myself, how can I take care of someone else.
  • I'm married to someone already, it's called my career.
  • My parents and I are on completely different wavelengths when it comes to who I should marry.
  • I'm afraid of committing to one person for the rest of my life.
  • I don’t think someone would love me if they knew the real me.
Most people react to these obstacles in the pursuit of marriage believing that this is a Divine Sign that it’s not their time and they should postpone their marriage plans.

When Allah wills for it to happen their time will come.

The Inner Shift We Discovered That Accelerates The Marriage Readiness Process

The reality is with the "I will wait until Allah wills for it to happen" type of thinking, it is very easy for years to pass by and they are not any closer to getting married than when they decided to postpone their plans.

What we at Purify Your Gaze advocate the solution to these obstacles, is not to wait for your time, but rather to transform so that your time will come.

By transforming yourself, that path to marriage is no longer continually postponed and as it comes closer and closer rather than feeling anxious or afraid about it, you feel a level of calmness and readiness for it to manifest in your life.

By making this internal shift to transform rather than wait we've seen our members tackle the legitimate concerns they had for not feeling marriage ready rather than stay stuck in fear.

This transformation took them from not feeling ready for marriage, lonely, down and depressed, to feeling irresistible, and most primed for that loving partner to enter into their lives.

In attempting to reverse engineer what it is exactly we were doing with our members we discovered that there were six key steps to developing this aura of irresistibility and we want to share this six step plan with you.

We’ve seen incredible transformational stories of coaching members becoming irresistibly single, masha’Allah, and they sure didn’t start that way!

You can transform too, and we’re going to share with you the six habits that make that transformation happen in this training.

What's Inside Becoming Irresistibly Single?

Experience Confidence Within Yourself And Feel Ready For Marriage

Make Changes In Your Lifestyle That Will Set You Up For Deep Happiness

Avoid Mistakes That Lead To Loneliness And Low Self-Esteem

Here's a preview to some of the things you'll learn:
  • Successful Stories Of Clients And How They Transformed From Believing They Could Never Get Married To Being Absolutely Irresistible Singles Ready For Marriage. (Hint, It Was An Inside Job)
  • The Real Problem That Lies Beneath The High Divorce Rates We See Today And How You Can Avoid It.
  • The Inside Out Approach To Feeling Confident And Happy Without Needing To Be Any Different Than You Are.
  • The Three Levels Of Love, And The Level You Need To Practice To Be Able To Secure Feelings Of Happiness And Love In Your Relationships.
  • What You Can Do Today To Make Special Room In Your Heart For Your Future Spouse.
  • How Attempting To Be Humble Because Of Your Past Can Backfire, And What You Need To Know To Avoid The Trap And Be Truly Humble.
  • The Exercise That Will Allow You To Feel Loved And Valued In Your Life Today, No Matter Whether You’re Single Or Married.
  • The One Mistake Single People Make That Leaves Them Feeling Lonely Even When They Do Get Married, And How To Avoid It.
  • Find Out Which Of The Stages Of Human Development You Are At And Which One You Need To Be In To Be Ready For Marriage.
  • What You Need To Know About Love That Will Allow You To Understand Yourself And Others Better, And Increase Feelings Of Love In Your Life.
  • What You Need To Be Actively Involved In To Ensure That Your Imperfections Don’t Get In The Way Of You Being Happy, Rather They Open Doors For Greater Fulfillment.
  • One Commitment You Need To Make That Will Give You The Practice You Need To Be In A Loving And Caring Partnership With Your Future Spouse.
  • And Much Much More...

Do NOT Attempt To Wait Any Longer For Marriage Without Going Through This Training!

Seriously, don’t do it.

What’s getting in the way of you getting married cannot be overcome with waiting for your time to come.

So why risk the pain of staying lonely for years to come watching other happy couples around you when you can learn the six step strategy we used that transformed our members into irresistible singles primed for marriage?

When you're done, you'll finally know:

How to experience confidence within yourself and feel ready for marriage.

How you can make changes in your life that allow you to experience lasting and deep happiness.

How to avoid the mistake people make that make them feel lonely even when they’re married.

If you want to get started, click the button below and finally learn the step by step process to becoming irresistibly single.

Get Becoming Irresistibly Single

Positive Reviews From Workshop Participants

"Alhamdulilah as a result of my participation in this program and the personal growth I've been able to make I've been able to meet my soul mate. I couldn't be any more grateful and happier!"Purify Your Gaze Member
"I learned that if marriage was about sharing my happiness, then deep down I knew I had little to share. I was not happy. On the outside, I was happy-go-lucky, full of spunk. On the inside, I was miserable. As much as I tried, I knew I kept falling short of arriving at happiness. My addiction to pornography was a proverbial thorn in my side at every turn. I needed help. It took years, but I eventually reached out to Purify Your Gaze as part and parcel of my tawbah (repentance). With much work and by Allah’s permission, as I put myself in a better place, so too did my vision of marriage begin to take better shape."Purify Your Gaze Member

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