How To Deal With The Shock Of Betrayal, Protect Your Heart And Self-Esteem, And Take Effective Steps That Will Influence Your Spouse To Change

Has Your Spouse's Infidelity, Viewing Of Pornography, Or Other Inappropriate Behaviors Turned Your Life Upside Down?

One of the most devastating things that can happen in a relationship is sexual betrayal.

Whether it's discovering your spouse has been infidelious through pornography, chatting or flirting with other people online, or even worse, engaging in physical sex with others.

The betrayal created by such an act can destroy the foundation of trust in your marriage, creating a rift that can sometimes be impossible to mend.

More than that, this whole experience can feel like a bomb going off.

Once you find out about your spouse's indiscretions, it can shock you to your core, which is why it has such a profound effect on both your relationship and your personal well-being.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you find yourself experiencing repeated intrusive thoughts like “Did I cause this?” or “Is it me?”
  • Does your heart feel as if it’s been knifed directly with ongoing and intense shooting physical pains in your body?
  • Do you feel a strong need to check your spouse's browser history, credit card statements, email accounts, text messages, or GPS for signs that the danger of betrayal is still happening?
  • Do you have vivid dreams or flashbacks of your spouse betraying you over and over again?
  • Have you found yourself losing sleep, or experiencing eating problems be it overeating or the inability to eat ?
  • Does your spouse resort to gaslighting, blaming, denial, or other narcissistic responses when you try to have a conversation about their betraying activities leaving you hurt, confused, and unable to trust yourself?
  • If you've never caught your spouse, do you just have a nagging feeling in your gut that something isn't right with your relationship?

    If You Answered "YES" To Any Of These Questions, Know You Are Not Alone And It's Not Your Fault!

    These days, with technology, opportunities for sexual infidelity are far more accessible than ever which means that couples everywhere are impacted by it.

    Moreover, because of its prevalence and ubiquity, the act of watching porn has also become normalized by a lot of people.

    If you are like many spouse in this trying situation, it’s only natural to blame yourself.

    However, this type of thinking can be destructive to both your self-esteem and your relationship.

    That’s why it’s so imperative that you take the time to understand why it happened and how to move forward from it.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to sit back and suffer.

    Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Stop Hurting From Your Spouse's Betrayal

    The best thing you can do regardless if your spouse takes measures to address their addiction, is to start with your own healing.

    Reading this your initial reaction may be I don’t have any healing.

    My spouse is the one that has the problem not me.

    They are the one who broke promises, withheld this secret lifestyle, and acted out sexually in haraam.

    They are the source of the problem not me.

    They could be the vehicle or the catalyst behind this devastating experience but you still have to respond.

    When you don't respond, you choose to let the devastation of the situation beat you down more.

    You may feel that it’s somehow your fault.

    Again, it’s not your fault.

    You may feel powerless in the situation.

    You don’t have to be.

    And we want to empower you to best respond in this test in one of our newest workshops launched exclusively for spouses of addicts:


    Your Guide To Healing, Protecting Your Heart, And The Effective Steps That Will Influence Your Spouse To Make Serious Change

    This hands-on online workshop will guide you through the important steps you can take to begin the healing journey, things that you can do to protect your heart from further hurt, and how to effectively invite your spouse to change.

    This workshop is for you if you want to learn steps you can take to manage the crisis including how to set healthy emotional, physical and sexual boundaries with your spouse.

    This workshop is for you if you want to understand what your spouse’s pornography and sex addiction is about if it’s not about you, and what the stages to their healing looks like.

    This workshop is for you if you want to learn techniques and steps you can take to effectively invite your spouse to begin the recovery process that don’t involve empty threats or caving in.

    This workshop is for you if you want to know the steps you can take to develop a support system for yourself and how to properly care for yourself in the face of such strong emotions.

    You can take charge and be proactive about stopping this behavior and finding a solution that will help you heal and hopefully inspire your spouse to change.

    And that's why we created this workshop to be your guide in this time of difficulty.

    It won’t be easy, but it will be necessary.

    What The Online Workshop Will Cover

    How To Deal With The Shock And Aftermath Of Betrayal

    How To Protect Your Heart And Self-Esteem

    How To Effectively Invite Your Spouse To Healing And Change

    Here's a preview to some of the things you'll learn:
    • How To Deal With The Aftershock Of Betrayal And Process The Difficult Emotions You Are Experiencing
    • Understand The 7 Deadly Mistakes Many Spouses Make In Response To Betrayal That Will Continually Torment You And Destroy Your Self-Esteem If You Make Them Too
    • Why Your Spouse's Sexual Infidelity Is Not Your Fault Or Something You Did Or Didn't Do
    • How To Recognize The Signs Of Addiction And More Importantly Understand The Stages Of Change Your Spouse Must Go Through
    • An Introduction To Self-Care And Practical Steps To Protect Your Heart, Body, And Soul
    • Discover The Stages Of Healing You Will Go Through And How To Go From One Stage To The Next
    • Why Empty Threats Of Divorce And Other Techniques Won't Change Your Spouse
    • The Effective Strategies You Can Take That Will Strongly Influence Your Spouse To Make Changing A Must
    • And Much Much More...
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