Purify Your Gaze Welcomes 2 New Recovery Coaches to the Team

You guessed it – 2 new Recovery Coaches are joining the Purify Your Gaze team!

Why is that a big deal for Purify Your Gaze, and more importantly what does that mean for you?

For more than six years this has been a foundational cornerstone to the Purify Your Gaze experience and I was the primary facilitator and coach week after week working with some beautiful souls personally as their Coach.

The Coaching experience is special for many reasons. It is a space where you show up with openness, sincerity and eagerness to grow. It is a space where you can be personally mentored and guided on a much deeper level as you discover and own your truths.

Here’s the reality:
The road to recovery and healing is not a linear process.

It’s a system of interconnected elements both internal and external to you that are all evolving at the same time.

To truly heal and get outside of “survival mode”, you must consider the relationships of all these elements put together that are creating your current challenges and how to consider these different parts when designing a better quality of life.

How can you see all of these elements with clarity?

The truth is, you can’t by yourself!

You need an outside perspective – someone who’ll call it like it is and will shine line on your blind spots. We all have these blindspots!

Working with the right coach you can shine light on those blind spots and begin to understand yourself intimately and develop an even greater level of self-awareness than you have had before. With that, you’ll be pushing forward through your biggest obstacles and achieve the goals that are important to you.

Working with your coach you make progress in consistent strides of realizations and action as you manifest those desired changes you want to see in your life and relationships.

Through this Coaching Experience I’ve shared tears, laughs and many important moments of growth and intimacy with my past clients. For that opportunity, I am truly and deeply thankful and I want to thank my past clients for this gift.

The recovery insights, the stories that I’ve personally shared on the blog have more often than not come from the coaching sessions and conversations I’ve had in those sessions.

As Purify Your Gaze grew so did my responsibilities as founder of this organization and back in November 2015 I had to retire from personal coaching. During that time boy did we feel the void of coaching with many requests from our subscribers and members asking to be personally coached.

And today I am ever grateful to be able to have two wonderful individuals who are joining our team, brother Karim Seraggeldin and sister Manal Khalife who will be taking on the roles of Recovery Coaches.

They both bring a lot of experience and have a lot to contribute to the Purify Your Gaze family and in sha Allah together this will allow us to expand our impact and you’ll be hearing from them and getting to know them in due time bi ithinillah.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Coaching is for you if…

  • You want to experience more authenticity and self-confidence in your life and achieve freedom from shame and self-doubt. Coaching does this by making it far easier for you to understand yourself and your story than if you were trying to figure it all out on your own.
  • You want access to strategic steps and you want to avoid common pitfalls people fall into while on the path of recovery. Coaching makes this possible because you have access to someone who is an expert on the very journey of recovery you are undertaking.
  • You want someone to hold you to a higher standard and believe in you more than you believe in yourself, so that you can achieve heights you never thought possible. Coaches don’t fall for the “I just don’t have it in me” attitude – they’re trained to understand that you can succeed and are committed to helping you do so.

Are you interested in experiencing a quantum leap in understanding yourself, crafting and executing well-thought out strategies for success, and raising your personal standards?

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We’ll be introducing you to our new coaches soon insha Allah, but what’s great about adding 2 new coaches to our team is that more people than ever before will have access to the very same coaching effect that has lead to people to…

  • Confidently lead a life free from unwanted sexual behaviors
  • Completely rebuild marriages broken by sexual addiction
  • Heal from past trauma that has stunted their growth for years

Purify Your Gaze Coaching ClientAre you a sister wondering “how can I be comfortable with a guy coach?”

I understand that sensitivity, and I’ve got good news – one of our coaches is a sister who will dedicate her energy to working with women in particular, insha Allah.

Heard enough? Head over to this page and explore if coaching is right for you.

The best news is: We want to give you a 45 minute coaching session – for free!

If you want to not only tackle the “problems” but also design an outstanding life and also experience it, then you need to connect with one of our Purify Your Gaze coaches!

What they will help you do is personally create a strategic plan of action to free yourself from sex addiction. There’s no charge for this and it only takes about 45 minutes for you and your coach to do this together.

We’ll discuss the hidden opportunities in your recovery with you and point out any blind spots that you may not see that could threaten your progress or derail you.

Assuming the plan we give you makes you happy…and you want us to be able to support you like this, we might invite you to become a member of our coaching program…which is a program that utilizes both personal coaching and peer group support for Muslim men and women in recovery from sex addiction.

Purify Your Gaze Coaching ClientToday, the opportunity to get a Purify Your Gaze coach to help you build a life you can be proud of is more accessible than ever before. We expect lots of people to take us up on these sessions. So if you’ve been looking for help reaching your next level in life, I urge you not to wait, and go put in your application today.