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Your HBI Score Is In The 68-80 Range.

A score at this level indicates a fully developed sexual addiction.

Your score is within the range where your sexual thoughts, urges and behaviors are directly impacting and influencing your life in a negative way.

When you are not engaging in your behaviors, you may find yourself experiencing the following symptoms of withdrawal:

    • When not engaging in the behaviors during abstinence periods you may find yourself struggling with increased fantasizing about your sexual behaviors.
      • You may find yourself feeling anger, frustration, and or irritability as a result of not being able to engage in your sexual behaviors or when you encounter a sexual trigger

Common experiences or consequences may also include:​

    My spouse and I are constantly arguing and fighting with each other due to my pornography use.

    My inability to permanently quit has led me to feel like I will never be a good enough Muslim.

    I hold back in my relationships because I am afraid that others will know the truth about my sexual behaviors.

    I am bothered that the sexual behaviors I am engaged in now are more hardcore than what I used to engage in.

    I have a hard time focusing on work because my mind and body are preoccupied with sexual thoughts, or urges.

    I am no longer satisfied with pornography, I am now engaging in anonymous sexual encounters or paying for sex offline.

    I have failed a university course or semester due to my depression and the presence of my sexually addictive behaviors.

    I feel out of control and powerless in my life due to my inability to stop. I’ve lost hope that I can fight this addiction and win.

    It is common for individuals who score at this level to now experience more serious negative consequences associated with their sexual behaviors that have an impact. Whereas previously negative side effects may have been easier to ignore.

    Reading this may be difficult but there is an undeniable truth: your porn and sex addiction is getting a strong hold of your life and it’s time to face this hard and painful reality head on.

    What is important to know is no matter how far along the wrong road you feel you may have gone, you can ALWAYS turn back. Always! 

    But as you turn back it means that you face and see what you have been doing to yourself, and to others around you with an honest and open pair of eyes.

    You’ve got to take responsibility for your present reality as you work your way out of this hole of despair and brokenness.In relation to your life right now and the seeming insurmountable ruin around you, you have to humbly accept that you cannot solve this problem alone by yourself.

    You need help.

    Lots of it.

    Help and guidance from Allah SWT.

    Help and guidance from professionals that can show you the right tools, strategies, and attitude that will help you turn your life around.

    You Are Not Alone!

    At Purify Your Gaze we have been the trusted adviser, friend and coach to thousands of men and women from 35 countries who have struggled with sexually compulsive behaviors.

    Purify Your Gaze has been there through the highs and lows for many of our members.

    It has seen some of our members enter in the happiest moment of their lives when they got married and it has supported some of our members through the darkest times when they were going through a divorce.

    Reading this letter, be honest are you feeling:

      • Embarrassed?
      • Frustrated?
      • Afraid?
      • Angry?
      • Ashamed?

      Having had the opportunity to serve thousands of men and women in our program here at Purify Your Gaze, we are not surprised if you said "Yes!" to any of these descriptions about how you feel right now or have felt recently.

      What you may be surprised with is why you are also feeling an additional emotion that we left off from this list:


      There's relief because you've been waiting to meet someone who could reassure you that this dark secret and living nightmare could come to an end.

      The deceit, the lying, the feelings of hypocrisy and shame, the betrayal, the loneliness, the disappointment in your loved ones' eyes - all of that can go away and disappear for good.​

      What we are here to tell you is that this relief is not because of what we've said to you...​

      ...but rather what you have decided to do, which is face the reality of the direction your life is heading in as a result of your unwanted sexual behaviors and stop hiding from it.​

      Many people have a genuine desire to get better but don't know how nor where to get help.

      That's why we created Purify Your Gaze.​

      We wanted for there to be a safe-pace where you can receive that guidance and consultation in a supportive and blame-free environment.​

      More than permanently breaking free from these unwanted sexual behaviors, which is what we've helped countless men and women from 35 countries achieve, as a member you have the opportunity to do something much greater than that.

      You have the opportunity to get your life and everything that you value back.

      Best of all, you'll finally be able to lead a life that's worth fighting for and to experience deeper levels of love, meaning, and intimacy in your life.​

      Here's Where We Recommend You Get Started

      You've taken the hardest and most important step which is getting more information to learn about your challenges and now it's time you take actions to get your life back!

      Here are two great logical next steps that we recommend to help you get the momentum you want:

      1. Complete This 3 Hour Online Workshop

      Choosing Freedom gives you a proven, 8 step plan for overcoming sexual behaviors that are holding you back from being your best self and living your best life.

      This blueprint for change has been used to help facilitate the changes for thousands of members in our program, from those struggling with sexual behaviors like pornography, masturbation or online addictions.

      During the Choosing Freedom workshop, you'll get an opportunity to go beneath the surface and identify some of the possible non-sexual reasons why you are continuing to struggle and are unable to quit. These have little to do with a "high sex drive" or being "continually triggered" or not having an "Internet filter". You'll get to dive deep.

      By completing this workshop you'll have a solid plan of action that will allow you to pursue long-term strategic change. You can get started with this workshop for only $1.

      2. Speak With A Purify Your Gaze Coach

      For a limited time only, our Purify Your Gaze coaches have released a small number of spaces in their calendars for 45 minute strategy calls for people who are looking for a step by step strategy to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors and turn their lives around.

      This is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your assessment and develop a strategic plan of action that will set you on the path to freedom.