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Your HBI Score Is In The 19-36 Range.

A score at this level indicates normal sexual urges or sexual activity.

At this level, it should mean that your sexual thoughts, feelings, and urges are not bringing about any significant negative consequences or feelings of distress in your life.

If you took this assessment and find yourself engaging in sexual behaviors outside of your marital relationship such as pornography, masturbation, cybersex it is likely you have engaged in this behavior at most once or twice in the past year.

This initial or scarce involvement in this sexual activity may have been spurred by exploration or curiosity.

Consider yourself fortunate that you are at this stage and it has not yet crossed the threshold of addiction. This is a big emphasis on the word yet.

Why do people continue to stay involved with these sexual behaviors? There are no identifiable negative consequences yet, the behavior is pleasurable, and there is a level of assurance that one is in control.

The slippery slope here is all based on the law of diminishing returns.

The law of diminishing returns holds that what satisfies today does not satisfy as much tomorrow, and even less the next time, and so on.

In other words, the more involved you are with pornography or other sexual behaviors that fall outside of what is permissible, the more you will find yourself not satisfied.

The more you are not satisfied the more you will desire more of the behavior and more extreme versions of the behavior, with the hope that it will lead to more satisfaction.

The reality is of course it will not and will instead lead to a deeper craving.

    Don't Be Passive!

    Sitting idly and doing nothing is the worst thing that you can do.

    While Purify Your Gaze is best suited for individuals who have scored above 53 on the Hypersexual Behavior Inventory, at the end of the day if you are concerned about your sexual behaviors, here are two great logical next steps we recommend:

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      This blueprint for change has been used to help facilitate the changes for thousands of members in our program, from those struggling with sexual behaviors like pornography, masturbation or online addictions.

      During the Choosing Freedom workshop, you'll get an opportunity to go beneath the surface and identify some of the possible non-sexual reasons why you are continuing to struggle and are unable to quit. These have little to do with a "high sex drive" or being "continually triggered" or not having an "Internet filter". You'll get to dive deep.

      By completing this workshop you'll have a solid plan of action that will allow you to pursue long-term strategic change. You can get started with this workshop for only $1.

      2. Speak With A Purify Your Gaze Coach

      For a limited time only, our Purify Your Gaze coaches have released a small number of spaces in their calendars for 45 minute strategy calls for people who are looking for a step by step strategy to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors and turn their lives around.

      This is a great opportunity to receive feedback on your assessment and develop a strategic plan of action that will set you on the path to freedom.