“How Would You Like For Us To Personally Help You Identify What You Need To Do To Break Out Of Difficult To Break Sexual Obsession
Patterns…For Free?”

United States

"I don’t want to over-praise or idolize anyone or anything inappropriately. It’s not in my nature to exaggerate or to make something seem like it’s the most amazing thing in the world. Having said that, it’s been about 5 months since I’ve been receiving coaching with a sincere intention, and I’ve developed as a human being more in the last 5 months than in the last 10 years..."

"By This Time 6 Months From Now Your Compulsive Sexual Urges That May Have Held You Back From Being Your Best Self Could Be Truly Of Your Past..."

Dear Friend,

If you are fed up with how your out of control sexual behaviors and sexual obsessions have turned your life and relationships upside down and are ready to do whatever it takes to break free, we are looking for some “dream” clients who are ready to do whatever it takes to break free and receive our help to overcome these biggest and baddest challenges for good.

If that’s you, one of our coaches will personally work with you one-on-one on your recovery for the next 6 months so you can live life at its fullest and you can build meaningful intimate connections with others.

If you want to not only tackle the “problems” but also design an outstanding life and also experience it, then you need to connect with one of our Purify Your Gaze coaches!

What we will help you do is personally create a strategic plan of action to free yourself from sex addiction.

There’s no charge for this and it only takes about 45 minutes for you and your coach to do this together.

We’ll discuss the hidden opportunities in your recovery with you and point out any blind spots that you may not see that could threaten your progress or derail you.

Assuming the plan we give you makes you happy…and you want us to be able to support you like this, you’ll probably want to continue working together long term so we can help you implement them.

If this is the case, we might invite you to become a member of our coaching program…which is a program that utilizes both personal coaching and peer group support for men and women in recovery from sex addiction.

This coaching program was established to help you in your recovery journey regardless if you are in the early stages where you want things to get better but you aren’t ready to quit, to later stages where you have few years of sobriety achieved and you want to investigate the important goals of life you want.

The program is appropriately priced and will require an investment of your time, money, and hard work for the six months you are a member.

Our hope is that by working together over the next 6 months with one of our coaches, by this time six months from now, your destructive compulsive sexual urges that may have damaged your career, your relationships with family, friends and Allah, or your finances God-willing could be truly of your past forever.

And that right there is priceless.

These Strategy Sessions Are Extremely Limited

For a limited time only, our Purify Your Gaze coaches have released a small number of spaces in their calendars for 45 minute strategy calls for people who are looking for a step by step strategy to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors and turn their lives around.

As an active subscriber on our newsletter, you’ll get this session free of charge.

The only thing we are going to ask you to do is put down a refundable $200 deposit that just ensures you prepare for the call and show up to our session on time.

As soon as our session is over, this deposit will be refunded to you.

There are just a few conditions you need to be aware of.

  • Nothing hinders success the most than not being open to change. You must come to the call personally ready to honestly assess this area of your life and be ready to create a plan of action that will likely be out of your comfort zone so that you may break free.
  • We are going to email you a questionnaire – which you’ll need to read and fill out to set up your 1-on-1 coaching session with your coach live. This will allow your coach to study your background and prepare for your session so they can best assist you. This needs to be completed within 7 days of us sending this to you.
  • We are going to ask for a 'good faith' deposit of $200. Because we don't want to attract any time vampires, this micro-commitment we are using is just to make sure you honor your appointment with your coach and appear on time and prepared. We'll completely refund this right back as soon as your session is completed (unless we take you as a client in our coaching program – and in that case, we can apply it to your balance.)
Take A Look At Some Of Our Past Clients
A.A. United States

"Coaching allowed me to connect to my deepest emotions that I would not have been able to on my own. I went my whole life without grieving the passing away of my father when I was a young kid and was able to see how his absence affected the development of my addiction early on and how I could heal this wound. It is from this place of seeing that hurting young kid inside me that has allowed me to keep that there’s a hurting young boy inside me, and I am the one who must take care of him."

M.I., Canada

"I think I generally had a very low opinion of myself before coaching. I didn’t think I mattered, I felt unworthy, and I rarely looked inward. I think the best way to describe me was as someone totally numbed out, as is the affect of the addiction. With the coaching, I began to see myself as a human being with many wounds, a person that went through painful life experiences and challenges, and found only one way to cope with them which was through the addiction. After understanding bits of my own story, I’ve developed a better sense of self-compassion that was non-existent before, and recognized that I must treat myself with a lot more gentleness by taking it one day at a time, and intentionally adopting healthier coping mechanisms and ways of self care. Alhamdullillah."

S.M. United States

"Subhan Allah my experience through coaching has been one where I've been treated with utmost respect, acceptance and compassion. This space has allowed me to realize the truth for myself that I do matter, that I am worthy, and my life is important. The atmosphere on the calls is very encouraging, non-judgmental and it’s the safest place to be to get the help you need because of the anonymity factor. I never in my life had the opportunity for self reflection to such a great extent as coaching provides, through the various discussions on my sessions, and relevant exercises and assignments that are given."