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Let Us Help Your Community Become A Safe Place For Healing

1. An Engaging Learning Experience For All Ages

Host a live presentation or one of our workshops geared towards all audiences that educate on the harms of pornography and destigmatize sensitive conversations surrounding behavioral and mental health.

2. Effective Training For Community Leaders

Recovery Ambassador training for community, religious and youth leaders on how to continuously hold important conversations with their constituents and how to provide recovery first aid support when in contact with those impacted by pornography or sex addiction.

3. Recovery Resources For Those Impacted

We remove all barriers facing those in need of help in your community by providing them with scholarship licenses to our state of the art online recovery platform, so members of your community needing help can immediately sign up regardless of financial ability.
“For those who are struggling with a pornography addiction and looking for help or looking to help others in need. I encourage you to check out Purify Your Gaze.” Sh. Yaser Birjas, Imam of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.

Muslim Communities Are Aware
That There’s A Problem Due To Pornography

Leaders within Muslim communities have increasingly become aware that pornography is a real problem, often mentioning the quantity of people coming to their office complaining of their own - or their spouse’s - obsession with pornography.

And we should be alarmed.

Did you know that 68% of young men and 18% of young women view pornography at least once a

For many individuals, repeated use will lead to addiction resulting in
devastating consequences, including:

  • Depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Social Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Low Motivation
  • Negative Self-Perception
  • Marital Breakdown
  • Erectile Dysfunction


Our community leaders are doing their best to help individuals struggling with pornography to change their lives. And increased spiritual practices are often recommended to help curb addiction.

However, addiction has spiritual, emotional, and psychological roots.

When a spiritual solution is attempted without considering the emotional and psychological dimensions of the problem, sadly many individuals only fall into deeper shame about their inability to stop.

Despite a lack of comprehensive solutions, we should be vocal in applauding community leaders for their courage in discussing such a sensitive topic.

And we must also affirm that advice to fear and remember Allah is essential to helping people change their lives for the better.

Making your community a safe place for healing is simply a matter of also recognizing the psychological and emotional components of addiction, and including these essential items in the discussion.

Here’s The Good News…

With a basic level of training, incredible improvements can be achieved toward making your community even safer, more compassionate, and better equipped to provide effective support to those in need.

And we’d like to help you make it happen!

Who We Are And What We Do

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Purify Your Gaze is the first and only organization that has created a safe and anonymous platform for Muslims globally seeking support and treatment from pornography and sex addiction.

Our 8 step Islamically-congruent therapeutic model for change empowers individuals to tackle and heal the underlying reasons that were fueling their addictive behaviors.

Since 2009, we’ve been able to reach 57,000 Muslims seeking resources for recovery and we assist thousands in our programs each year.

Join Hands With Purify Your Gaze To Transform
Your Community Into A Safe Place For Healing

By bringing Purify Your Gaze to your community, we’ll educate your community with one of our workshops on the harms of pornography.

We'll also equip your community leaders, parents, and mentors with an understanding of pornography and sex addiction, how to identify it, and how to help someone struggling.

When you join hands with us, you are committing to making your community a safe place for healing and ensuring those struggling with addiction know that help is available and where to seek it.

We do NOT want to come to your community, give a lecture, say salams and never see you again!

Instead, we want to create a relationship that lasts well beyond the event, so that we continue working with your community to provide our services to those in need within your community.

Live Workshops That Destigmatize Sensitive Behavioral and Mental Health Challenges And Facilitate Productive Conversations


If you represent an organization and you want to bring compassion, knowledge, and healing to your community, or want to equip your staff, or volunteers with effective training to address pornography and sex addiction within your community then get in touch!

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Praise For Purify Your Gaze

“I have always wished for an Islamic website that would treat this issue seriously and cater to my needs. Non-muslim websites are informative to an extent, but I feel that this website really understands the cultural and religious dilemma I face. Purify Your Gaze is filling in a big gap for the Ummah – a bridge between the perfection of Islam & modern science and personal development methods that I can relate to, and implement in my life.”
A.M, Purify Your Gaze Subscriber
“Purify Your Gaze is run by a brother who I know personally and have referred people to over the years. I highly encourage anyone who is able to, to please support this very important initiative so that they continue to do the incredible work they do and help as many people in our community as possible. We are fortunate to have such a service in our community that deals directly with this problem.”

Hosai Mojaddidi, Mental Health For Muslims
“Pornography – I even feel icky writing the word, but it’s a serious issue in today’s world. I recall discussing at our Islamic School if we should bring up the topic in our middle school health class. There was obvious hesitation, but when we asked the Islamic studies teachers how old were they the first time they were exposed it was 11 years old! (accidentally, but still that would’ve been 10+ years ago and in religious families). Kudos to Zeyad Ramadan and his team for stepping up and tackling this difficult issue!”Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt,

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