Kickstart Your Recovery

Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 11: Lower Your Gaze For Your Future Spouse
If you find yourself still struggling with an unwanted habit such as turning to pornography, deep down do you wonder[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 10: Hit the Speed Dial When You’re Struggling
Let’s start by asking why do many of us find it so difficult to reach out for support, especially in[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 09: Stand Strong in the Face of Temptation
How do you respond when you experience an overwhelming urge?You've had this experience before, no?Although you made a commitment to[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 08: Just Show Up!
The #1 reason people stay stuckWhen it comes to trying to break free from those old lustful habits, it’s very[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 07: Let Allah Help You
Let Allah Help You - How to overcome the 7 obstacles to whole-hearted surrender to Allah and open the door to greater[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 06: Embrace Honest Accountability
Embrace Honest Accountability - Abdallah’s journey from a life of dreams broken by addiction to the freedom created by his newfound[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 05: Take Care of Your Self
Take Care of Your Self - How self-care is one of the most empowering ways to uplift yourself from indulgence[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 04: Give Up Giving Up
Give Up Giving Up - How making healing your #1 priority every single day can make all the difference between[...]
Reflections on the First Three Episodes of Kickstart Your Recovery
  If you’ve been watching our Facebook page, you probably noticed that alhamdulAllah I’ve shared the first few episodes of[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 03: Shed Light on Your Dark Secret
Shed Light on Your Dark Secret - How you can accelerate your healing by removing your mask and practicing authenticity.Today[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 02: Always Start with Love
Always Start with Love - How being harsh with yourself when you make mistakes can actually make matters worse, and[...]
Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 01: Embarking on the Journey of Recovery
Embark on the Journey of Recovery - How to adopt the right mindset that will produce the best decisions which[...]
Episode 00: Introducing Our Brand New Show – Kickstart Your Recovery
Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated that you can’t seem to make the progress you want? Would you like to hear some of the most important tips and advice about how you can start to make progress right away? If so, then our brand new live show, Kickstart Your Recovery, is just for you. Bara Aldasouqi, Enrollment Adviser for Purify Your Gaze, will be compiling the very best tips and advice we have at Purify Your Gaze so that you can make leaps toward breaking free, insha Allah. Check out this video to hear more about the show and what we’ll talk about in our very first episode titled “Embarking on the Journey of Recovery - how to adopt the right mindset that will produce the best decisions which will lead to lasting change”.