How Viewing Pornography Affects Your Mood

It took decades for people to accept the research that demonstrated without a shadow of the doubt that smoking harms your health and well being.

We are finally starting to see the same happen with porn now.

Research and neuroscience are demonstrating the harms of pornography to the brain, how it harms relationships, and how it harms the family.

But what about your emotions and how you feel?

In this post, we've rounded up 5 different accounts from Purify Your Gaze members on how the regular consumption and viewing of porn impacted their emotional well being.

1. Viewing Porn Can Heighten Your Anxiety.

"Almost anything in my life has masturbation and porn in it, be it happiness/sadness or anything. I cannot imagine myself without them in any events of my life. It has become a tumour which I am finding it hard to cut away from myself and the more that I do it the more anxious I feel. I acted out to avoid to going to college to get mine and friends degree. I acted out to avoid going for a license test. I acted out to avoid going to the courier service to send my friends degree to his place. I acted out to avoid studying for an upcoming Exam after Fajr. I acted out when I couldn’t stay from laptop after maghrib. I acted out in the past when I got a job… and the list is endless. "

2. Viewing Porn Can Impact Your Energy Levels.

"I can’t believe how insidious the effects of porn really are. I used to be tired ALL the time, and would act out just to try to get those endorphins running in the brain again. My mom used to scold me for being too tired all the time. She would say: “You’re tired all the time because you don’t go to the gym.” And I tried that, too. I would sign up for the gym, go for about 4 months, and then tire out easily again. I used to sleep for 12 hours a day, and I’m not quite sure how I got through university with that."

3. Viewing Porn Can Increase Your Irritability.

"I’ve been caught in discovering more about myself as I observe the effects of this addiction on my life. In the process the scary thing is I have felt myself change.  I’ve become very irritative and sensitive. My family has noticed the change and are not very happy. I lashed out at my brother a long time ago. We haven’t talked for a few months. I shunned relations with a really close friend of mine , just because he didn’t agree with me and “dissed” me .I’m planning to flood his inbox with foul language. It’s like I’m lashing out at everybody."

4. Viewing Porn Can Lead To Feeling Depressed.

I find that after viewing porn the consequence for me is that I feel totally unhappy with myself, in a complete and utter state of despair, constantly feeling hopeless and helpless. I’ve felt torn between a raw human desire for something I know is impermissible vs devotion to Allah and His religion. I thank Allah Most High from protecting me from ever acting on these desires so far as engaging in same-sex relations. My downfall has been using masturbation as an outlet for an inner desire that I know can’t be fulfilled in the way a man and woman who marry can. I tend to go through phases where things are ok and I feel in control of myself and my situation. Then sometimes things just turn 360 and I have no idea how I end up back to square one.

5. Viewing Porn Can Leave You Not Feeling At All. 

"I literally didn’t cry for five years. Not because I didn't want to but my heart felt like it was ice frozen. I remember several incidents where I had family members who were sick and were hospitalized and I was there physically but my emotions were completely absent. I sit in deep regret wondering what would have happened if they had died and I had been in this state."

Why This Matters And What To Do 

Firstly, all of these accounts are a confirmation of the greater research and movement that are busting the "porn is a harmless pastime" myth.

Secondly, our emotions are the fuel behind a healthy, vital, intelligent and creative life. When we allow for harmful vehicles like porn to take control we rob ourselves of life's greatest gift.

If you are regularly viewing pornography or it has become an addiction it is a great opportunity to reassess the impact that it is having on your life and better than that making the decision to change.

We are here to help you on your journey!