Major Announcement: Why Purify Your Gaze Will No Longer Sell Our Flagship Training Course

Today is an exciting day for me and the entire Purify Your Gaze team.

I have a big announcement to make, and I’m excited that you’re a part of it.

So without further ado, here it goes…

Effective this month, Purify Your Gaze will no longer be selling our flagship “Purify Your Gaze Program” self-study course that we’ve been selling since 2010…

I know this may sound shocking but I’ve explained everything in this post – I promise!

When I launched the “Purify Your Gaze Program” in 2010 it was with the intention to make accessible the knowledge, the exercises, and the tools that I’ve used successfully to help clients overcome unwanted sexual addictions and to change their life to as many people as possible.

It was designed in a self-study format allowing for members over the course of the year to privately learn and implement what I’ve laid out in the training curriculum at their own pace.

This was the heralded model that was positioned to thought experts, counselors, and coaches looking for a way to scale the level of impact to the general masses beyond the expensive 1-1 facilitation model.

Despite launching the course, I never did away with the coaching and personal facilitation and invited members who took part in my course to continue working with me me privately from 6 months to 24 months.

Alhamdulilah Purify Your Gaze continued to grow and it came to a point where we had many more members than what I could personally provide ongoing support, encouragement and guidance for – which created a new decision I had to make…

…either I shrink the operations and keep things small-scale and manageable by myself or choose to expand to meet the growing support needs of our members.

I chose the latter thankfully and this decision led to the hiring of new members to my team whom I trained in my system and involved in the greater facilitation and support process.

These trained members of my team are active facilitators of a program called the Purify Your Gaze Community that’s been in existence since 2013.

This program involves ongoing opportunities for support, fellowship, accountability and engagement through private forums, weekly live mastermind calls, and workshops where we go into advanced topics each and every month.

Yes this entire interactive support and training program has been existence for almost 3 years and it has actually become the heart and soul of what makes us special as an organization!

The reason you may have not heard of it is because this program was launched to fulfill the need of existing customers and was open for subscription only to those members who had participated in the “Purify Your Gaze Program”.

Why We Had To Retire Selling “Breaking Free”

We came to realize as a team at some point last year that in the everyday busy-ness of running and facilitating our program, this crucial offering to our members had become an inadvertent “hidden secret gem”.

With our existing marketing messaging so focused on selling the Purify Your Gaze Program to the public it had become antiquated for what we truly offer as an organization to our members…

An inadvertent outcome that came about was even with our communication about the benefits of the Community program to our Breaking Free members, many of them had joined with the expectation that “trainings were all they needed” to change their lives…

For some of these members rather than the training helping them break isolation it further reinforced it and they did not get very far in implementing the material.

…which is what led us to the decision to retire selling the Purify Your Gaze Program as a self-study option.

For us as an organization the existing model “worked” in terms of enrolling new members and the Purify Your Gaze Program was selling very well but it was broken in terms of us being able to fulfill our best service long term to our members and their journeys.

What our members ultimately benefit from is the continued mentorship, facilitation, support, care and guidance on the journey of change that we offer them.

Members can engage with our team and with other, discuss personal issues, and get support all in real time and this is so integral to the recovery process.

Our flagship offering may have started as the Purify Your Gaze Program but it has clearly evolved into the Purify Your Gaze Community.

Our New Program And Why It’s Going To Rock

We’ve updated our website and our model and we are pretty certain it’s going to rock for our members.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.37.31 PM

Not only that but they also will get a new and upgraded Breaking Free Training 100% for free when they become a member.

Amongst the other benefits of our new program now includes are:

  • Continued personalized support from a dedicated Purify Your Gaze staff member who will help you design a program experience that is tailored to your personal goals and will help keep you accountable.
  • Participation in our weekly Sobriety Mastermind live sessions where you can join us for a discussion on either one of the Breaking Free trainings or a relevant topic of discussion related to wholesome living.
  • Use of the Self-Care Tracker application where you can keep a daily pulse on your progress and track directly what you are doing to help you live with freedom everyday.
  • Participation in our monthly live webinars which will include presentations from one of the staff on the PYG team or an invited guest expert on topics related to recovery, productivity, wholesome living, spirituality, intimacy and relationships.
  • Monthly interviews with our Purify Your Gaze members who are making exceptional strides in their journeys and we will pick their brains on your behalf to ask them to share their secrets to success.

There’s no need anymore for us to keep up a model that may have worked before for us but no longer is the best way to move forward.

Thankfully now, members can get that level of full support and all the rocking member benefits from day one!

Best of all, this entire experience is also affordable and we have created two program plans: a monthly (cancel anytime option) for those wanting to test the waters first and an annual plan for those ready to dial themselves in and commit.

Your Reward For Reading This Far

To celebrate the launch of this new system and thanking all our loyal supporters and subscribers we will be running a 15% off promotion to our program through this Sunday, May 15th.

You can keep that discounted price for the lifetime of your membership! Get all the details here or by clicking the button below:

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