Purify Your Gaze Joins the Institute of Knowledge in a Ground-Breaking Collaboration!

Purify Your Gaze and the Institute of Knowledge are pleased to announced that they have joined hands to provide unprecedented access to comprehensive recovery support for Muslim students struggling with sexual addiction.

Purify Your Gaze’s online and anonymous recovery platform has been the safe place for Muslims healing from unwanted sexual behaviors since 2009. The Institute of Knowledge Chaplaincy Program provides spiritual care, guidance, and education for Muslim students at several Southern California college campuses.

In this ground-breaking collaboration, the two organizations are bridging the gap between religious leaders working on the ground and professional mental health providers.

By becoming “Recovery Ambassadors”, the chaplains and staff at the Institute of Knowledge will be equipped with comprehensive training on how to identify when a student needs professional recovery support and how to help.

Also, students served by the Institute of Knowledge in financial need will have access to scholarships enabling them to participate in Purify Your Gaze’s premium recovery support services regardless of financial ability.

What does this all mean?

(1) Students will feel more comfortable reaching out for help and confident that their chaplains have the training and resources needed to help.

(2) The major barriers to seeking and getting help – shame and finances – will be removed.

(3) The student community at large will be more educated about addiction and there will be more openness to seeking professional help.

(4) Individuals will no longer need to struggle in isolation, but will have a compassionate community supporting their healing.

Our shared vision with the Recovery Ambassador program is to promote healing for our individual brothers and sisters, for our families, and for our communities – to work toward a healthier, more enlightened, and more thriving ummah one person at a time.

Furthermore, it’s not just limited to pornography addiction – our long-term objective is to make our communities Safe Places for healing for those afflicted with any psycho-spiritual ailment that affects their overall well-being and inhibits their capacity to connect meaningfully with others and with God.

To mark this important collaboration, Purify Your Gaze and the Institute of Knowledge will be co-hosting a special online event to have a dialogue about the Characteristics of a Compassionate Community with our very own Shaykh Jamaal Diwan and Zeyad Ramadan!

Stay tuned for details on when and how this special event will take place!

If you or a friend or family member are a student in need of support, please contact the IOK Chaplaincy program at chaplaincy@instituteofknowledge.com

Purify Your Gaze aims to collaborate with other institutions and organizations to deliver healing to those in need. If you are interested in having your organization become a Recovery Ambassador, please contact Purify Your Gaze at info@purifyyourgaze.com

Remember, we must work together, because we can only heal together.

W’asSalamu Alaikum,

Zeyad Ramadan
Purify Your Gaze

Sh. Jamaal Diwan
Institute of Knowledge Chaplaincy Program