Why Marriage Is Not The Solution To Your Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

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One of the thoughts that may be sabotaging your efforts to recover from your unwanted sexual behaviors is the belief that marriage will solve these behaviors.

You may feel that your unwanted sexual behaviors aren’t really the problem and it’s just a way for you to cope with the loneliness you feel because you cannot get married, and that this is just a phase you’re going through.

Since you don’t have an outlet to express your desires right now, you believe that your unwanted behaviors are the ‘lesser of the two evils’ instead of committing zina with someone.

While these are genuine thoughts to have, what if the reason that you turned to these outlets had nothing to do with your sexual desires? What if buried with your desire to get married and to have a halal outlet for your desires, are other reasons that you turn to these outlets, other reasons that marriage could not solve, could not heal?

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