Inside The Recovery Community Newsletter – Issue #6

The Purify Your Gaze Community is a very unique community bringing together Muslims from over 66 different countries across the globe who share a common mission: the commitment to reclaiming wellness and health in their lives as recovering sex addicts.

The Community is active each month with lively forum discussions, weekly peer-led phone support meetings, and monthly events and topics. There’s a special bond and fellowship between the members. It’s actually really amazing.

Back in September 2014, we launched a monthly publication specifically for the Purify Your Gaze Community members called, Inside The Recovery Community where we will be highlighting latest events, activities and happenings of our Community members.

The Purify Your Gaze Team wanted to find a way to share this unique and lively Muslims in recovery sub-culture with the public and has decided to share a public version of the publication!

Here’s the sixth edition of Inside The Recovery Community newsletter!


  • What’s Worth Fighting For?
  • Madinah’s Embrace
  • Embracing Ruthless Honesty
  • Self Care Cup
  • Y says:

    Is there a way to allow us to save the newsletter as PDF so we can read it in easier ways like phone, ipad, ebook reader, reading it online neeeds constant sitting and reading it at once which is not practical, we cannot save it and go back to it by chuncks. jazak allah khairan for the awsome program and amazing work you are doing for the Ummah, your work is very beneficial