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Effect Of Pornography Addiction On Muslim Marriages

I was interviewed on One Legacy Radio’s Family Connection show by two marriage therapists on the effect of pornography addiction on Muslim families, and I’d like to share the recording with you!

Here are some of the points discussed in our discussion:

  • Defining exactly what is at the root of pornography addiction and why it’s so hard to stop…
  • Understanding the signs that show one is addicted to pornography and what to do about it…
  • What types of sexual dysfunction and physical problems arise out of addiction to porn and is it curable?

And much more in sha Allah!

Alhamdulilah I also received a very nice surprise live caller on the interview.

It was none other than one of my very own members and here is a snippet of what he said on how he’s progressed working with me alhamdulillah:

“I’ve got easily some 20 odd years of sexual addiction in all its manifestations, I’m married and I have children, when I came to br. Zeyad it was at least after 5 years trying to knuckle down and get this under control…Since I’ve started working with br. Zeyad, I’ve had ZERO episodes of acting out, looking at pornography, my gaze is lowered on the street, I can drive to and from work without paying attention to anyone that is around me. My children notices the difference, my wife notices the difference, my own mother tells me how I’ve become a wonderful person, probably the first time I’ve heard that one in well over 20 years…”

This is 60 minutes of pure content, so go ahead and listen to the FULL interview in sha Allah and leave me your thoughts in sha Allah on what you’ve taken away!

  • N.Abdi says:

    Bismi Allah arra2mani ra2iim,
    I’d like to thank you for this interesting post.
    Rememberance of Allah is the cure for sick hearts.
    Jassaakumu Allah khair.

  • Shamsuddeen says:

    Jazakallah khair for this wonderful audio tape. May Almighty Allah guide us to the straight path.
    Please I am still not clear on the steps that one follows to become porn addicted and the remedy for that.
    Jazakallah khair

  • Ahmed says:

    The interview was so inspiring i’ve learned alot of the things and i beleive that i have to listen to it again and take notes to gain the maximum benefit and remember every single point discussed.
    JAK Mr. Zeyad, May Allah swt accept your good deeds and reward you on this work.