Episode 00: Introducing Our Brand New Show – Kickstart Your Recovery

Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated that you can’t seem to make the progress you want? Would you like to hear some of the most important tips and advice about how you can start to make progress right away?
If so, then our brand new live show, Kickstart Your Recovery, is just for you. Bara Aldasouqi, Enrollment Adviser for Purify Your Gaze, will be compiling the very best tips and advice we have at Purify Your Gaze so that you can make leaps toward breaking free, insha Allah.
Check out this video to hear more about the show and what we’ll talk about in our very first episode titled “Embarking on the Journey of Recovery – how to adopt the right mindset that will produce the best decisions which will lead to lasting change”.

How Trauma Affects Our Healing

A few months ago, our Purify Your Gaze community was blessed to have Dr. Hakim Archuletta speak to us about trauma and how to overcome it. Dr. Hakim is a convert to Islam from the 70s and specializes in the traditional sciences of Homeopathy or becoming a Hakim and in trauma therapy. He has over …

Interview with Hamza

Hamza moves into the new phase of his life as a man, and we explored some of the focal points in his recovery as he worked with Zeyad Ramadan through coaching. The original interview was posted on the Fourth Edition of the Inside The Recovery Community Newsletter. 1. Life throws us some challenges to rise …