About Us

What's Worth Fighting For

At Purify Your Gaze, we've dedicated ourselves to a single purpose: help Muslims struggling with sex addiction and their families find hope and healing. This is our calling.




Everything we aspire towards as an organization is built upon the following three core pillars: Acceptance, Guidance and Healing.

  • ACCEPTANCE: We aim to be an accepting environment based on the Prophetic model of mercy to those who sincerely seek a safe-haven to heal their wounds and improve their condition be it those sexually addicted or partners of sex addicts.
  • GUIDANCE: We aim to be the leading content provider to the Muslim community offering guidance through valuable and effective educational programs regarding the effects of sexual addiction, recovery principles for those seeking change, and a new paradigm for healthy sexuality/intimacy in the modern era rooted in Islamic principles.
  • HEALING: We aspire and hope for a level of healing that goes beyond just seeing those addicted establish sexual abstinence. We want to go deeper. We aspire for a level of healing that only comes through embracing vulnerability, surrender and intimacy as a way of life.

Our Story And Our Beginnings

While many in the Muslim community were in denial and refused to acknowledge how serious this problem was when we first began, we knew that sex addiction was an equal opportunity ailment: no one was immune, not even Muslims.

Powerless to stop its destructive nature, the story was universally the same for those afflicted: relationship and career opportunity losses, spiritual despair, and untold personal heartache.

What was missing was a safe place where Muslims struggling with pornography and sex addiction could find professional support by those who intimately understood their background and special needs.

Our vision was simple but powerful: create a platform that could be accessible by Muslims anywhere at any time of day or night that would provide everything an individual needs to successfully heal -- educational training with evidence based interventions, a safe place to connect with others in recovery, personalized coaching, support group meetings, and relapse prevention tools.

How Purify Your Gaze Has Been Received

By the Grace of God, the idea has been widely accepted and came as a relief to those struggling and to those positions of counseling. Finally, Muslims could find a safe-haven and an environment based on the Prophetic model of mercy to heal their wounds and improve their condition without shame, fear of blame, or despair.

Therapists, Imams, and community activists no longer have to carry the burden and could refer struggling Muslims to a place where they were confident would receive the right help.

Today, more than 57,000 Muslims from over 35 countries across the globe look to Purify Your Gaze as their trusted guide in recovery, thousands more utilize our free resources. Our members are regaining the type of confidence that only comes from seeing results. They are discovering that a vast abundance and beauty awaits them from life without having to escape to sex and other coping mechanisms.

Most importantly, they are developing with certainty that it's never too late for a second chance in life. No matter the circumstances.

And that's what drives us.

About Our Approach

What we can appreciate is that pornography and sex addiction are a very sensitive personal challenge to be facing, especially as a Muslim. We want to make it easy for Muslims looking to heal from unwanted sexual addictions to receive professional and personalized guidance, find community support with others on the path to healing, and most importantly discover the strength and hope to break free from unwanted behaviors so they can reclaim their lives.

At Purify Your Gaze, our behavioral change system is personalized to your experience and no matter the format or method of support you are engaged in, it all lead towards one goal: guiding you in bringing an end to unwanted behaviors, and helping you start the process of self-discovery in addressing the root issues that caused the problems to begin with.

Understanding your need for privacy and desire to easily access the advice, training and support that will assist you on your healing journey, all of our resources are accessible for you virtually either through self-study courses that you can work at your own pace or through workshop styled programs led by a facilitator or by telephone through your work with our coaches. Don’t let the stress of addiction affect you or your family any longer.

At Purify Your Gaze we can help you start believing in yourself again. We can help you recover.

Meet Our Team

Zeyad Ramadan
Founder & CEO

Zeyad Ramadan is the Founder of Purify Your Gaze. With a professional background as a strategic interventionist, his 10+ years experience counseling Muslims and a passion for social entrepreneurism, he founded Purify Your Gaze in 2009 with a bold mission. Through his leadership, Purify Your Gaze has served more than 57,000 Muslims around the world in the various stages of their recovery. 

AbdulAziz Syed
Members' Experience Manager

AbdulAziz Syed is the Members' Experience Manager at Purify Your Gaze and is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist Candidate. He has a background as a social worker and is responsible for creating meaningful experiences and learning opportunities for our members.

Bara Aldasouqi
Growth And Enrollment Manager

Bara Aldasouqi is the Growth and Enrollment Manager at Purify Your Gaze. He writes and speaks about emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. Check out his Kickstart Your Recovery show for power tips to help you make leaps toward lasting freedom from unwanted habits. 

Karim Serageldin
Coach And Counselor

Karim Serageldin is a Counselor and Coach at Purify Your Gaze. He has a B.A. in Psychology & Comparative Religion and an M.A. in East-West Psychology with a specialization in spiritual counseling. He is a certified life and relationship coach with years of teaching and consulting experience within the American and Muslim community.