Recovery Workshops

Take advantage of our popular trainings that will guide you with principles for lasting change, and point you to a new paradigm for healthy sexuality in the modern era.

Relapse Emergency
Fire Drill Plan

How To Work Through Those Moments Of Desire Or Temptation To Turn Back To Pornography Or Acting Out Sexually Without Relapsing Back.

Choosing Freedom
From Unwanted Behaviors

Here Are The 8 Definitive Steps To Defeating Sex And Pornography Addiction, Getting Your Life Back And Becoming Your Best Self

The Sober Year And
Beyond Plan

The 5 Step Planning Process That Will Prepare You To Stay Clean From Pornography And Other Lustful Habits For Life

The Relapse
Aftercare Plan

The Four Steps To Rebounding Back With Strength And Recommitting To Your Recovery Again After You've Experienced A Slip  Or Relapse.

Six Steps To Becoming Irresistibly Single

Anti-Cliche Secrets To Tackling Loneliness, Making Room In Your Heart For True Love, And Creating Deep Happiness In Your Relationships & Life


The 6-Step System To Build
And Sustain The Passion
Your Marriage Needs
To Thrive Again.


Recovery Community

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