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How To Cope With Feelings Of Loneliness As A Single Muslim

By Zeyad Ramadan

Amina has been having a very hard time trying to get married. She sees her friends getting married all around her, and the despair of not finding the right spouse is getting exacerbated as she looks through their wedding photos on Facebook. She begins to doubt herself and feels utter frustration with the process. Many […]


Why The Word, “Recovery,” Is Not As Scary As It Sounds!

By Zeyad Ramadan

When you think of the word “recovery” what comes to mind? I know from the members at Purify Your Gaze, this word initially brought about feelings of resistance, fear, and loss of hope. But it did not stay that way. I am eager to share with you some of their comments, as they describe in […]


How Sister H Reclaimed Her True Self In Recovery

By Zeyad Ramadan

You may believe that success is only about counting the number of days that you are abstinent from your unwanted sexual behaviours. While that is a measure of success, it is not the greatest fruit of recovery. Men and women who have sought some sort of help for their unwanted sexual behaviours in our programs, […]

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