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What If In Two Years Nothing Has Changed?

By Brother2000

February 2nd, 2017 “This is the fourth time this month. A well-meaning brother asks me if I’m looking to get married. Obviously, I would love to. But I haven’t gone more than two months without acting out. More than five years ago I started my recovery. Who would have thought I’d still be right here. […]


Getting Beyond The Public Masks We Wear

By Rayyan

My boss had invited me to a farewell lunch for a colleague who had been promoted and would be leaving for better prospects. While we waited for our food, my colleagues started sharing the stories of their youth, when “they did not know any better” and their generation was “bad”. Then one of my colleagues […]


How To Make Self Care A Daily Part Of Your Life

By Hameeda

Life’s daily grind wears us all down over time, and in recovery it’s tough to keep an eye on sobriety when there’s so much going on. I’ve been working on my sobriety for a few years now and have had phases where I could abstain from unwanted sexual behaviors for long periods of time, just […]


Welcome To Purify Your Gaze! Introduction Video

By Zeyad Ramadan

If you are struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors or addictions, rest-assured that you can change! Join Zeyad Ramadan, Founder of Purify Your Gaze, and inspired viewers from 66 countries around the world as we explore the tools, and strategies that will help you lead a life free from unwanted sexual behaviors. From what is entailed […]


How To Turn Your Sex Addiction Into A Hero’s Journey – Part 1

By Zeyad Ramadan

When individuals first enter the Purify Your Gaze program, the last thing they expect to find is real meaning behind their sex addiction, which on the apparent is filled with layers and layers of darkness. They may look at their journey of recovering from their unwanted sexual behaviours with drudgery, as something shameful they are […]


Redefining The Definition Of Success In Recovery

By Saleem

About this article: Br. Saleem, a member of Purify Your Gaze, writes about a huge and enlightening realization that came through his coaching calls with Zeyad Ramadan where he redefined what success meant for him. I’ve been dissatisfied with my job for a long time. I feel under-appreciated and overworked but I stick with it […]


The Role Of Self-Care In Recovery From Sex Addiction

By Zeyad Ramadan

While the concept of self-care seems self-explanatory, the absence of it is the single, most predictable and measurable cause for a relapse, or acting out on your unwanted sexual behaviours. Phrases such as “take care of yourself” do not get translated into action in today’s success and achievement oriented society, where the objective is to […]

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