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10 Ways Dropping Porn For Good Will Change Your Life

By Bara Aldasouqi

Let’s face it – most guys watch porn. It’s really common for gals too. If you care about stats: 65% of young men and 18% of young women seek out this forbidden internet fruit at least once a week.[1] Yes, Muslims struggle with porn use too. Some of us may like to think otherwise, but […]


Every Child Is An Artist

By Iqra

I have loved art for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I preferred solitary activities like reading, playing with Lego and art. Art though, unlike my other pastimes, was something that could be shared with others. My work was appreciated by my peers, even those who otherwise taunted or ignored me. My family […]


Interview with Hamza

By Guest Author

Hamza moves into the new phase of his life as a man, and we explored some of the focal points in his recovery as he worked with Zeyad Ramadan through coaching. The original interview was posted on the Fourth Edition of the Inside The Recovery Community Newsletter. 1. Life throws us some challenges to rise […]


Hope: Fueling Your Recovery from Pornography addiction

By Abutrustworthy

The road to recovery is full of thorns. The journey is filled with hardships and difficulties, which require patience, perseverance and a very strong commitment to overcome. Speaking from my own experience, often times I feel like recovery work is overwhelming and draining, so much so that sometimes I feel very exhausted and feel like […]


Stories Are Like Pearls from Heaven

By Yusuf

A couple of months had passed by since the end of Ramadan, and the Thursday class the Shaykh used to facilitate was finally starting back up again. It’s a class focusing on spirituality and activism geared towards young professionals. However, this time around, the shaykh was requesting one young professional to present each week on […]


My Addiction – A Hidden Blessing, Not A Curse

By Brother2000

When I first learned of Purify Your Gaze, I thought I knew what would happen next: I’ll join this 5 week training program, I’ll take really good notes, and soon enough, I’ll be saying goodbye to my addiction. Addiction, to me, was a curse, I had no doubt about it, and all I needed was […]


Why The Way We Talk About Porn Does More Harm Than Good

By Noor33

Many of us who are struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors are well acquainted with shame. Looking back on our journeys through life, prior to and following the realization that our habits were out of control, we have a tremendous amount to be thankful for. However, we still struggle with those memories that make us cringe. […]


What Does It Mean to Love Yourself?

By Sayyed

“He who falls in love with himself will have no rivals,” said Benjamin Franklin. This is a witty reminder to all that loving oneself is an unattractive and repulsive inclination. Ben Franklin was referring to the arrogance and self-righteousness that plague many souls. But in a very different context, self-love is one of the most […]


Getting Beyond The Public Masks We Wear

By Rayyan

My boss had invited me to a farewell lunch for a colleague who had been promoted and would be leaving for better prospects. While we waited for our food, my colleagues started sharing the stories of their youth, when “they did not know any better” and their generation was “bad”. Then one of my colleagues […]

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