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How Trauma Affects Our Healing

By Guest Author

A few months ago, our Purify Your Gaze community was blessed to have Dr. Hakim Archuletta speak to us about trauma and how to overcome it. Dr. Hakim is a convert to Islam from the 70s and specializes in the traditional sciences of Homeopathy or becoming a Hakim and in trauma therapy. He has over […]


Getting Beyond The Public Masks We Wear

By Rayyan

My boss had invited me to a farewell lunch for a colleague who had been promoted and would be leaving for better prospects. While we waited for our food, my colleagues started sharing the stories of their youth, when “they did not know any better” and their generation was “bad”. Then one of my colleagues […]


Why Your Inability To Connect To People Has Little To Do With Your Social Skills And More To Do With Your Unwanted Sexual Behaviors And What To Do About It

By Zeyad Ramadan

One of the underlying issues that often drive addictions are relationship wounds. These wounds are formed earlier on in a person’s life and are carried on well into adult life, where the person is not able to relate and connect with others around them, and where they often keep everyone at an arm’s length. These […]