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Zeyad Ramadan

Zeyad Ramadan is the founder of Purify Your Gaze. Through his leadership, Purify Your Gaze has served as the personal recovery guide for thousands of Muslims coming from over 35 different countries around the world in the various stages of their healing journey and has provided support to its members through its addiction recovery tools, its workshops, and personal 1-1 coaching. Zeyad has successfully lead workshops and delivered talks dealing with sexual intimacy, addiction recovery, embracing true gender roles, and spirituality. He currently lives with his wife and four kids in Orange County, California. Connect with Zeyad on Facebook and Twitter.


Inside The Recovery Community Newsletter – Issue #5

By Zeyad Ramadan

The Purify Your Gaze Community is a very unique community bringing together Muslims from over 35 different countries across the globe who share a common mission: the commitment to reclaiming wellness and health in their lives as recovering sex addicts. The Community is active each month with lively forum discussions, weekly peer-led phone support meetings, […]


Interview With Sulaiman

By Zeyad Ramadan

Sulaiman marked one year at Purify Your Gaze with happy tears. Zeyad Ramadan noticed the hope and optimism in his voice. We catch up with him here. 1. What is your favourite quote in recovery? Progress = Happiness by Tony Robbins. 2. What book most impacted your recovery journey and why? The book which has […]


How To Turn Your Sex Addiction Into A Hero’s Journey – Part 1

By Zeyad Ramadan

When individuals first enter the Purify Your Gaze program, the last thing they expect to find is real meaning behind their sex addiction, which on the apparent is filled with layers and layers of darkness. They may look at their journey of recovering from their unwanted sexual behaviours with drudgery, as something shameful they are […]


Have You Submitted To Allah?

By Zeyad Ramadan

Brother Walid was frustrated that he had been in recovery for a number of years now, and with every progress he made, he still fell back into his unwanted sexual behaviours. In a recent coaching call together, it finally hit him what had been missing in his recovery all along: “I was frustrated because I […]


Inside The Recovery Community Newsletter – Issue #4

By Zeyad Ramadan

Highlights: 8 Months of Sobriety Is Easy: Carlos marks his 8 month sobriety milestone in recovering from unwanted sexual behaviours. He chronicles his recovery journey over the years. Interview with Hamza: Hamza moves into the new phase of his life as a man, and we explored some of the focal points in his recovery as […]

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