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Zeyad Ramadan

Zeyad Ramadan is the founder of Purify Your Gaze. Through his leadership, Purify Your Gaze has served as the personal recovery guide for thousands of Muslims coming from over 35 different countries around the world in the various stages of their healing journey and has provided support to its members through its addiction recovery tools, its workshops, and personal 1-1 coaching. Zeyad has successfully lead workshops and delivered talks dealing with sexual intimacy, addiction recovery, embracing true gender roles, and spirituality. He currently lives with his wife and four kids in Orange County, California. Connect with Zeyad on Facebook and Twitter.


3 Addiction Recovery Lessons From The Day Of Ashura

By Zeyad Ramadan

(Summary of Audio Training) The Day Of Ashura is a special day for Muslims where we are encouraged to fast the 9th and 10th day of Muharram as a commemoration of the saving of the Prophet Musa (may God’s peace and blessings be upon him) and the Children of Israel from the oppression and harm of […]


Inside The Recovery Community Newsletter – Issue #6

By Zeyad Ramadan

The Purify Your Gaze Community is a very unique community bringing together Muslims from over 66 different countries across the globe who share a common mission: the commitment to reclaiming wellness and health in their lives as recovering sex addicts. The Community is active each month with lively forum discussions, weekly peer-led phone support meetings, […]


Welcome To Purify Your Gaze! Introduction Video

By Zeyad Ramadan

If you are struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors or addictions, rest-assured that you can change! Join Zeyad Ramadan, Founder of Purify Your Gaze, and inspired viewers from 66 countries around the world as we explore the tools, and strategies that will help you lead a life free from unwanted sexual behaviors. From what is entailed […]


How Pornography Skews Your Perceptions About Marriage and Intimacy

By Zeyad Ramadan

While you may think that tawbah wipes away the sin of watching pornography, the imprints that pornography leaves on your mind have not been wiped away. In fact, these pornographic imprints will shape and distort your perceptions about marriage and intimacy. Take Brother Mahmood who joined the Purify Your Gaze online program (now known as […]

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