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Br. Suhail* is one of our more active member of the Purify Your Gaze Community, and has gone through the Breaking Free Program. He recently celebrated his one year sobriety milestone from unwanted sexual behaviours through the help of PurifyYourGaze.com and the Purify Your Gaze Community. This article was featured in the Inside The Recovery Newsletter, Issue 7. *Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.


Compassion: One of the Greatest Healers in Addiction Recovery

By Suhail

In the name of Allah. We praise Him and send salutations on his noble Prophet Muhammad. Boundaries are opportunities. They don’t limit, they liberate. This gem was shared at a Purify Your Gaze live call. I quite needed to hear it. Moving from dysfunctional, to functional, to purposeful living is a struggle. It can only […]