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BrTwoThousand is an American Muslim college student. He joined Purify Your Gaze in 2011, when he was desperately seeking an escape from addiction. He loves all things personal development, Islamic studies, family, community work, sharing Islam, and engineering. He is looking forward to developing a new product and marriage. He believes that addiction is simple (kind of), and it is a symptom of incomplete growth. BrTwoThousand's goal in writing here is to (1) help people embrace their untapped potential by sharing with you his own transformation and (2) share the lessons which have provided him with wings allowing him to reach new heights. He hopes to soar together with you all insha Allah!


My Revelation: Using Pornography Is Not Really About Sex

By Brother2000

I had managed to stop watching pornography for a long time, and then, I stumbled. I tried everything that had seemed to work before, but during those turbulent six weeks, I struggled to regain my footing. I reassessed my commitment to change. I asked, yet again, “Why is the change I seek so necessary and […]


How I Learned to Prioritize Healing Every Day

By Brother2000

I never owned a laptop before, but I decided it was about time to get one. In a way I never expected, I became consumed by an urge to set up my new device with all kinds of apps and software. Day after day, I found hours slipping through my fingers as I sat in […]


What If In Two Years Nothing Has Changed?

By Brother2000

February 2nd, 2017 “This is the fourth time this month. A well-meaning brother asks me if I’m looking to get married. Obviously, I would love to. But I haven’t gone more than two months without acting out. More than five years ago I started my recovery. Who would have thought I’d still be right here. […]


My Addiction – A Hidden Blessing, Not A Curse

By Brother2000

When I first learned of Purify Your Gaze, I thought I knew what would happen next: I’ll join this 5 week training program, I’ll take really good notes, and soon enough, I’ll be saying goodbye to my addiction. Addiction, to me, was a curse, I had no doubt about it, and all I needed was […]


Why Despite My Efforts I Was Not Able To Break Free

By Brother2000

I wake up early in the morning, and I get ready to go off to Fajr prayer, because going to Fajr is important to me. Although, I don’t share it with anyone, I’m furious. As I drive to meet my Lord, I give the empty passenger chair a backhanded blow with my right arm. My […]