Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 10: Hit the Speed Dial When You’re Struggling

Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 10 - Hit the Speed Dial When You're Struggling

Hit The Speed Dial When You’re Struggling – How to cultivate a supportive “speed dial” relationship so you can find encouragement, love, and accountability during your difficult times. Let’s start by asking why do many of us find it so difficult to reach out for support, especially in those times when we’re struggling? Some common reasons […]


Seeking Help For Pornography Addiction – Haram Or Not?

Muslims struggling with sexual and pornography addictions often delay seeking outside intervention or professional help in fear of violating the Islamic injunction of concealing one’s sins. Is this a black and white issue? What if concealing one’s sins leads to even greater sins committed? Watch this video to be introduced to a framework for understanding […]


Kickstart Your Recovery Episode 06: Embrace Honest Accountability

Embrace Honest Accountability – Abdallah’s journey from a life of dreams broken by addiction to the freedom created by his newfound commitment to accountability and honesty. Today we’re talking about honest accountability – here’s the reason we need to talk about this: many people who are struggling assume that it’s better that my embarrassing and humiliating […]