Learn How To Break Free From Unwanted Sexual Behaviors


All-In-One Healing System For Sex Addiction. Built For Muslims.

We've built a revolutionary behavioral change system that brings together the tools, the peer support, the education, and the personalized professional care to help you achieve long-term lasting change from unwanted sexual behaviors and build your new life in recovery. It's all under one web-based platform that you can easily and anonymously access at your fingertips. What's even better is we've built it specifically for Muslims.

  • Self-Study Courses

  • Peer-Driven Support

  • Personal Coaching

  • Recovery Software

Trusted Guide For Healing By Muslims In Recovery From 35 Countries

We take pride in having served as the personal recovery guide for hundreds of Muslims participating in our various programs coming from over 35 different countries, and thousands more utilizing our free resources, so rest-assured we can certainly help you too!

“I have attended Sexaholic meetings in the past, which have been helpful. Your website is a much needed breath of fresh air…”
Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member
Isn’t it a shame how the problem is so common and yet so little people discuss it if any – this is exactly what the Muslim Ummah needs and I hope it helps thousands of people recover out there. I can’t express how happy I am. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. Finally, people have somewhere to turn to. Jazakallah Khayr Purify Your Gaze, Jazakallah.
Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member
“What you’re doing here with Purify Your Gaze isn’t simply helping people regain control of themselves; you’re helping them reconnect to their Creator deeper than ever before. Words cannot express my gratitude to you guys for your efforts. May your reward with The Most High be immense, inshallah.”
Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member

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