The Safe Place For Muslims Healing
From Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

We are the safe place system where Muslims struggling with pornography and sex addiction can find acceptance, guidance, and healing as they aspire towards a life of sexual purity, and intimate connections grounded in the deep surrender to God.
We've developed a proven and effective system for change that will allow you to not only bring an end to your unwanted behaviors, but most importantly allow you to engage in the process of self-discovery and address the root causes that caused the problems to begin with.

Get started below with our free assessment to determine what your sexual behaviors and symptoms could mean and see if we can help you overcome pornography, masturbation and sexual lust.

What Our Members Are Saying

A Happier Version Of Myself On The Inside And Outside

Ali Dentity*

Purify Your Gaze Member

If marriage was about sharing my happiness, then deep down I knew I had little to share. I was not happy. On the outside, I was happy-go-lucky, full of spunk. On the inside, I was miserable. As much as I tried, I knew I kept falling short of arriving at happiness. My addiction to pornography was a proverbial thorn in my side at every turn. I needed help. It took years, but I eventually reached out to Purify Your Gaze as part and parcel of my tawbah (repentance). With much work and by Allah’s permission, as I put myself in a better place, so too did my vision of marriage begin to take better shape

* All names have been anonymized for our member privacy.

A Safe And Effective Healing System. Built For Muslims.

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We know that reaching out for help with your struggles with pornography or sex is not an easy thing which is why it is of our utmost concern to allow for you to have a safe place to receive help without shame, fear of blame, or despair.

This is the Prophetic model of mercy and we believe if you have that, the sky's the limit for your possibilities.

Our safe and effective system will provide for you everything you need to successfully heal -- educational training with evidence based interventions, a safe place to connect with others in recovery, personalized coaching, support group meetings, and relapse prevention tools. All of this is accessible, easily and privately, through your personal computer or by telephone.

We are committed to helping you bring an end to your unwanted behaviors and helping you regain your life once again.

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Break Free. Stick With Your Choice To Be Free.

We Want To Help You Reclaim Your Life From
The Control Of Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

If you want to discover the strategy, the mindset and the steps you need to permanently break free from pornography and other sexual behaviors, then look no further than our flagship coure: The Breaking Free Program.

We've laid out what you need to do to permanently break free from your unwanted sexual behaviors and we believe it comes down to reclaiming your ability to make conscious choices. You will be able to move out of the mindset that the "addiction is happening to you" into "I am responsible for my choices" and you will do that through the exercises and trainings we've put together in this training program.

Module 1: Finding Your Motivation To Quit

To properly set the foundation for lasting change in your behavior, before you can uncover your motivation to quit you need to clearly understand why you are motivated to NOT change. Through this module, you will realign yourself internally and truly acknowledge the hidden needs that are being met beneath the “high” of feeling pleasure. In this training module you’ll learn that having this information about yourself will be extremely enlightening because you get the power of choice back and you can make healthier choices for yourself.

Module 2: Understanding Your Patterns

One of the most important things you can do to empower yourself is to develop awareness. Before going through this module, you will attest that relapses left you feeling feeling frustrated, down, powerless, and helpless to change. By understanding the patterns and cycles of their behavior you will able to see this all as part of a predictable, and repeatable pattern and cycle of behavior rather than an unpredictable, unsolvable, permanent problem that will never go away. With this knowledge when you have an understanding of the problem, it will allow you to be that much more confident and certain that YES you can be free.

Module 3: Creating Your Recovery Plan

Only when you’ve taken the time to understand the problem clearly can you sit down to create your recovery plan. Your recovery plan is your breakthrough strategy on what you need to do short term and long term to address the challenges caused by your addiction. When you sit down to create your recovery plan you will assess carefully your situation and analyze what could go wrong, what are some challenges that may prevent you from commitment, what are some threats to your recovery, and what are the opportunities available to you to help you surmount these difficulties. 

Module 4: Breaking Free

In this fourth module you will discover what is required for you to take the first steps where you have decided “From this day forward I will no longer tolerate unhealthy or addictive sexual behaviors in my own life.” Some of the questions we answer in this fourth module: How do you know that you are progressing and moving forward and not like all other times going to lead to relapse? What do you need to keep track of? If you experience a setback, how can you learn from these mistakes and strengthen your recovery efforts?


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"The biggest Aha moment for me came when I saw how predictable my behaviors and choices were. I used to believe acting out sexually was inevitable due to the high amount of sexual triggers around me and the fact I had a high sex drive. When I sat down to analyze the majority of the times I’ve relapsed, being truly honest with myself I recognized that it mainly had to do with the state of my emotions. This was the first time I really saw a light out of this hole and believed that I could overcome this."

Purify Your Gaze Member, United States

"I've been through two other programs prior to the Breaking Free program, and one thing I remember was different about this was I actually looked forward to watching the modules and found myself doing the work of recovery whereas previously it all felt like a chore or a 'homework' I just had to do. The Breaking Free training is the first program that I have gone through where I've taken notes and I actually consistently find myself going through and reviewing them in my notebook."

Purify Your Gaze Member, United States