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The Safe Place For Muslims Healing From Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

We are the world’s first sex addiction recovery platform for Muslims and we are here to empower you on your journey to overcoming unwanted sexual behaviors, and building your new life with acceptance, guidance and healing.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your healing journey or you consider yourself a “Recovery Veteran”, Purify Your Gaze has the resources and the safe place to help you maintain your freedom from a compulsive lifestyle.


Pornography and sex addiction are one of the most difficult addictions to overcome; especially as a Muslim. 

While many in the Muslim community were in denial and refused to acknowledge how serious this problem was when we first began, we knew that sex addiction was an equal opportunity ailment: no one was immune, not even Muslims.

Powerless to stop its destructive nature, the story was universally the same for those afflicted: relationship and career opportunity losses, spiritual despair, and untold personal heartache.

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What was missing was a safe place where Muslims struggling with pornography and sex addiction could find professional support by those who intimately understood their background and special needs.

A Safe And Effective Healing System. Built For Muslims.

Our vision was simple but powerful: create a single platform that could be accessible by Muslims anywhere at any time of day or night that would provide everything an individual needs to successfully heal -- educational training with evidence based interventions, a safe place to connect with others in recovery, personalized coaching, support group meetings, and relapse prevention tools.

  • Peer Driven Support

  • Self-Study Courses

  • Personal Coaching

  • Recovery Software

The idea was accepted widely and came as a relief to those struggling and to those in positions of counseling. Finally, Muslims could find a safe-haven and an environment based on the Prophetic model of mercy to heal their wounds and improve their condition without shame, fear of blame, or despair.

Therapists, Imams, and community activists no longer have to carry the burden and could refer struggling Muslims to a place where they were confident would receive the right help.

We Want To Help You Reclaim Your Life From Unwanted Sexual Behaviors

At Purify Your Gaze, our behavioral change system is personalized to your experience and no matter the format or method of support you are engaged in, it all lead towards one goal: guiding you in bringing an end to unwanted behaviors, and helping you start the process of self-discovery in addressing the root issues that caused the problems to begin with.

Understanding your need for privacy and desire to easily access the advice, training and support that will assist you on your healing journey, all of our resources are accessible for you virtually either through self-study courses that you can work at your own pace or through workshop styled programs led by a facilitator or by telephone through your work with our coaches.

Don’t let the stress of addiction affect you or your family any longer. Get started in our free mini-course now for the beginning steps to change. At Purify Your Gaze we can help you start believing in yourself again. We can help you recover.

What Purify Your Gaze Members Are Saying...

Today, more than 1,000 Muslims from over 35 countries across the globe look to Purify Your Gaze as their trusted guide in recovery, thousands more utilize our free resources.

“I have attended Sexaholic meetings in the past, which have been helpful. Your website is a much needed breath of fresh air…”

Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member

Isn’t it a shame how the problem is so common and yet so little people discuss it if any – this is exactly what the Muslim Ummah needs and I hope it helps thousands of people recover out there. I can’t express how happy I am. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. Finally, people have somewhere to turn to. Jazakallah Khayr Purify Your Gaze, Jazakallah.

Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member

“What you’re doing here with Purify Your Gaze isn’t simply helping people regain control of themselves; you’re helping them reconnect to their Creator deeper than ever before. Words cannot express my gratitude to you guys for your efforts. May your reward with The Most High be immense, inshallah.”

Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member

"Wow, I am surrounded by too much mixed emotions right now. Sometimes the situation I am in feels unrealistic. I really searched for a safe haven where I can share my thoughts, get help and help the ones I love, and especially Muslims who struggles with this self-destructive addiction. And also, I was desperate for finding a Muslim tutor/teacher/community where we can accumulate our powers and try to get through this with the help of Allah Inshallah. May Allah the Almighty help us all.."

Purify Your Gaze Member
Purify Your Gaze Member

Our members are regaining the type of confidence that only comes from seeing results. They are discovering that a vast abundance and beauty awaits them from life without having to escape to sex and other coping mechanisms. Most importantly, they are developing with certainty that it's never too late for a second chance in life. No matter the circumstances.

And that's what drives us.

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